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Protection Starter Kit

This compilation of basic protection and protection-related documents has been developed on the request of, and to benefit newly recruited UNHCR staff (including JPOs) as well as deployees and UNVs working with UNHCR. The compilation brings together key documents that all staff who are undertaking protection activities on behalf of UNHCR should be familiar with. Given the nature of the compilation, it may also be of value to members of civil society (e.g.: NGOs, lawyers, academics, students) who wish to enhance their understanding of UNHCR and its protection mandate.

While this compilation provides a helpful starting point and will be updated periodically, colleagues are encouraged to use the extensive electronic Refworld collection when addressing country and/or thematic issues in their work.

Table of Contents

1. UNHCR and International Protection Top

1.1 General Introduction Top

1.2 Durable Solutions Top

1.3 Emergencies Top

2. Community Services Top

3. Women Top

4. Children Top

5. Older Persons Top

6. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Top

7. Statelessness Top

8. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Top

9. Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Top

10. Protection Operations Support Top

11. Protection Training and Learning Top

11.1 Mandatory Learning Programmes Top

There are four mandatory computer-based training programmes that all staff - including JPOs, UNVs, deployees, consultants and interns - are required to undertake. They are currently available on the UNHCR Intranet or on a CD upon request. They are listed below for reference purposes:

  • Protection Induction Programme
  • Basic Security in the Field
  • Advanced Security in the Field
  • Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace

11.2 Self-Study Modules Top

UNHCR's self-study modules have been designed to benefit all UNHCR staff, partners and other members of civil society. They are also frequently referred to by colleagues designing protection training workshops for a wide range of audiences:

11.3 Protection Learning Programmes Top

The various protection learning programmes consist of a self-study phase, a workshop and a post-workshop phase. They are offered by UNHCR on a regional basis for UNHCR staff and partners who are working on the respective thematic issues. They are listed below for reference purposes:

  • Protection Learning Programme: An intermediate programme for all UNHCR staff from GS6 and higher who wish to better understand protection-oriented operations.
  • Thematic Protection Learning Programme on Statelessness: A Thematic Programme for senior staff and partners on how to work towards identifying, preventing, responding to and protecting stateless persons in an operation.
  • Thematic Protection Learning Programme on Protection Strategies in the Context of Broader Migration Movements: A programme for middle and senior level staff and partners on the protection of persons of concern to UNHCR in the context of broader migration movements.
  • Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Learning Programme: An operation-specific training for staff members working extensively on RSD issues.
  • Resettlement Learning Programme: An operation-specific training for staff members working extensively on resettlement issues.

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