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Standards and Training

Refworld contains several papers, manuals and tools that highlight standards to be adhered to when carrying out country research and/or drafting country papers. Below are listed a few.

Country Research Standards

Publication Standards

Training Modules


UNHCR's Division of International Protection (DIP), Protection Information Unit (PIU) offers possibilities for training on country research standards and the use of Refworld. In case of interest, please contact PIU at [email protected].

PIU was involved with other actors as part of the Reference Group of the "COI Network III", which comprised of 18 governmental and non-governmental organizations from 15 European countries, and also contributed to the initiative of the European Commission to arrive at "Common EU guidelines" for processing COI. It is also involved in the European Commission project to arrive at a "Common EU Portal" for country of origin information.

Since January 2008, PIU financially supports, and actively participates in, the European COI Training Network, which is co-ordinated by ACCORD.

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