Welcome to Connecting Worlds

How it works

Connecting Worlds uses best-in-class technology, along with a team of trained moderators, to deliver a safe, secure, connection for both donors and refugees. We’ll match you with a refugee based on your mutual interests, gender and the kinds of conversations you’d like to have.

Throughout the experience, you’ll be able to learn more about UNHCR’s work and life in your connection’s country of residence. Through careful consultation with donors and refugees Connecting Worlds is now available as Connecting Worlds Family and Connecting Worlds Mentor – two versions of the app funding two important directions of UNHCR’s work. 

Create conversations that count

Choose the type of connection you'd like to develop. Select from two different versions of the app to create meaningful conversations for you and your match:

Connecting Worlds Family

UNHCR supporters are matched with refugee families living in Jordan.

This is a unique opportunity to understand family life in the context of conflict, to share insight into your own relationships and examine universal values of safety and belonging.

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Connecting Worlds Mentor

UNHCR supporters are matched with refugee students living around the world.

Here, supporters are invited to share their professional knowledge and help mentor the next generation of talented refugees.

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Protecting the right to seek safety

For more than 70 years, UNHCR has been safeguarding the rights of people who have been forced to flee their homes and helping millions of people to restart their lives. Learn more about our mandate here