Youth with Refugees Art Contest

Why a youth art competition?

An image is worth a thousand words. This art contest is your chance to use your creativity for a good cause. Worldwide, more than 80 million people have fled their homes to escape conflict and persecution. You can use your talents to help UNHCR share a message of solidarity with people forced to flee.

What about the next edition?

The next global edition will be launched during the first quarter of 2022. 

Who won the 2021 edition?

The theme of the 2021 art contest was “Together through sport”. It shed light on the power of sport to bring people together and create a sense of hope. 

Who won the 2020 edition?

The theme of the 2020 edition was “everyone counts in the fight against COVID-19, including refugees.” We received 2,000 drawings from 100 countries. We awarded seven global winners (whose drawings were animated by the Japanese Studio Speed Inc), five regional winners, five prizes for cartoons and 20 special mentions. All winners received boxes of pencils from Caran d’Ache, our partner, for the art contest.