Children: Over half the world’s refugee population is made up of children.

Minorities and Indigenous Peoples: In many parts of the world, minorities and indigenous persons can be victims of severe human rights violations.

Women: Women can be especially vulnerable to abuse in mass displacement situations.

Youth: Having fled war or persecution, displaced youth are thrust into an uncertain world.

LGBTIQ+ persons: We work to protect LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum-seekers everywhere.

Men: Men and boys can find themselves neglected or dismissed during times of displacement.

Persons with disabilities: Persons with disabilities remain largely invisible or forgotten in their uprooted communities.

Older persons: During times of displacement, older persons have urgent rights and needs.


Policies and Resources:

A screenshot of a powerpoint slide. Text reads 'What are 'intersectionality' and the 'Age, Gender and Diversity' approach?'

Training resources: intersectionality and the AGD approach

Training materials to introduce and explain the concepts of 'Intersectionality' and the UNHCR 'Age, Gender and Diversity' framework and policy, jointly developed by UNHCR and the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Bangladesh. Rohingya girls attend a youth club in Kutupalong refugee camp

Learn more about Age, Gender and Diversity

For decades UNHCR has applied an age, gender and diversity (AGD) approach to ensure equality in decision making and the provision of services, and to create meaningful partnerships. 

Age, Gender and Diversity Accountability Report 2021

An analysis of data on the implementation of the Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) Policy and the progress made in 2021. 

Rwanda. DAFI student at home in Kigeme camp before heading to university

UNHCR Policy on Age, Gender and Diversity (2018)

This policy consolidates and reaffirms UNHCR's commitment to the Age, Gender and Diversity approach. 

Spain. Basque community opens its doors to refugee families from Syria

Age, Gender, and Diversity inclusive pledges and the Global Compact for Refugees

The Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) directly references an Age, Gender and Diversity approach to reach its four objectives. Read the excerpt on the GCR website.