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The honouring of obligations and commiments by Serbia

9 January 2012 | Publisher: Council of Europe: Parliamentary Assembly | Document type: Country Reports

Kosovo jails ex-rebel for war crimes

14 October 2011 | Publisher: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty | Document type: Country News

At UN, Albania criticizes Serbia over actions in northern Kosovo

27 September 2011 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

Macedonia: Ten Years after the Conflict

11 August 2011 | Publisher: International Crisis Group (ICG) | Document type: Country Reports

Secretary-General urges restraint in Kosovo after clashes in north

29 July 2011 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

UN tribunal for Balkans crimes transfers convicted police officer to Germany

8 July 2011 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

Albania: 1. What rights do Albanian citizens have under the Schengen Agreement to enter and reside in Schengen Agreement countries? 2. What steps do Albanian citizens need to take to avail themselves of any such rights? 3. Can Albanian citizens avail themselves of such rights if: (a) they do not have Albanian passports; or (b) their Albanian passports have expired? 4. What are the Schengen Agreement countries? 5. Do any of those countries afford Albanian citizens the ability to reside for a period greater than three months? If so, what steps does an Albanian citizen need to take to take advantage of this?

16 June 2011 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

ECRI Report on Serbia (fourth Monitoring Cycle) : Adopted on 23 March 2011

31 May 2011 | Publisher: Council of Europe: European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) | Document type: Country Reports

Rapport de mission en République du Kosovo, 31 octobre - 9 novembre 2010

March 2011 | Publisher: France: Office français de protection des réfugiés et apatrides (OFPRA) | Document type: Mission Reports

Serbia must pursue others after Kosovo murders conviction

24 February 2011 | Publisher: Amnesty International | Document type: Country News

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