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Israel is denying Palestine's right to development, says UN human rights expert

28 October 2016 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

Protecting Palestine Refugees

2015 | Publisher: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) | Document type: Country Reports

Popular Protest in North Africa and the Middle East (IX): Dallying with Reform in a Divided Jordan

12 March 2012 | Publisher: International Crisis Group (ICG) | Document type: Regional Reports

Forced Migration Review No. 26 - Palestinian displacement: a case apart?

August 2006 | Publisher: Refugee Studies Centre | Document type: Thematic Reports

Jordan: Jordan's treatment of failed refugee claimants who are returned to Jordan or persons who have exited the country illegally or whose permission to leave has expired; whether there is a distinction made between citizens of Jordan, stateless Palestinians from the Occupied Territories, and stateless Palestinians who reside in Jordan under UNRWA registration; possibility of torture or the existence of a risk to life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment upon return

9 March 2004 | Publisher: Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada | Document type: Query Responses

Report of the High Commissioner on her visit to the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel, Egypt and Jordan (8-16 November 2000)

29 November 2000 | Publisher: UN Commission on Human Rights | Document type: Mission Reports

Israel/Palestinian Territories/Jordan: Return of a Palestinian to the Occupied Territories who has been in the U.S. since 1991; Ability of a non-Jordanian-citizen Palestinian man married to a Jordanian woman to obtain Jordanian citizenship

24 November 1999 | Publisher: United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services | Document type: Query Responses

Jordan: Information on the death penalty for selling land in the occupied territories to Israeli nationals under Jordan's new position regarding the West Bank

1 November 1992 | Publisher: Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada | Document type: Query Responses

Security Council resolution 259 (1968) [Middle East]

27 September 1968 | Publisher: UN Security Council | Document type: Resolutions/Recommendations/Declarations

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