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This collection of external links is a directory of organizations dealing with refugee, asylum and human rights topics or provide (country-specific) information otherwise useful for practitioners. The directory contains over 3000 links to relevant internet sources and has been compiled and organized by type of organization, topic/mandate, regions and countries they relate to. This additional service has been provided to facilitate research by providing a mechanism to access information that may be relevant for decision makers and is not as such included in Refworld.

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Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP)

ALNAP is a unique network that incorporates many of the key humanitarian organisations and experts from across the humanitarian sector, including members from donor, NGO, Red Cross and Red Crescent, UN and academic organisations. ALNAP's workplan is aimed at improving humanitarian performance through learning and accountability.

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Humanitarian Assistance / Emergency Response

Council of Europe: Nationality

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Nationality / Statelessness

Council of Europe: Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Media (Censorship / Media Freedom / Journalists)

Donors Working Group on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Gender Issues


The EASO COI Portal provides access to Country of Origin Information (COI) ) for use in Protection Status Determination procedures. It is managed by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in cooperation with the national asylum authorities of EU+ states (EU Member States plus Norway and Switzerland).

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Country Profiles/Information

EASO Tool for Identification of Persons with Special Needs

The primary objective of this tool is to facilitate the timely identification of persons with special procedural and/or reception needs. It may be used at any stage of the asylum procedure and at any stage of the reception process.

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Refugees / Internally Displaced Persons

European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

The European Centre is a UN-affiliated intergovernmental organization concerned with all aspects of social welfare policy and research.

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Economic Issues

Food Security and Nutritition Analysis Unit - Somalia

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Economic Issues

Global Commission on International Migration

The aim of the commission is to provide the framework for the formulation of a coherent, comprehensive and global response to migration.

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Migration

IMF Country Information

IMF reports and publications arranged by country

Type: Inter-Governmental Organizations | Topic: Economic Issues

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