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Case Law

Case Law includes national and international jurisprudential decisions. Administrative bodies and tribunals are included.
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R.Y.S. v. Spain

4 February 2021 | Judicial Body: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) | Topic(s): Children's rights - Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) | Countries: Cameroon - Spain

X -v- Minister for Justice & Equality & ors

The question at the heart of this appeal concerns the breadth of the definition of the word “child” in the context of family reunification as provided for in the Act of 2015.

9 June 2020 | Judicial Body: Ireland: Supreme Court | Topic(s): Children's rights - Family reunification | Countries: Cameroon - Ireland

Arrêt F-3045/2016 du 25 juillet 2018

The right to family reunion derived from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) does not expire when the child who could benefit from it reaches the age of majority during the procedure. This easing of the case law, which takes into account recent judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, also has procedural implications

25 July 2018 | Judicial Body: Switzerland: Tribunal administratif fédéral | Topic(s): Family reunification - Right to family life | Countries: Cameroon - Switzerland

Chaudhary v. Canada

20 October 2015 | Judicial Body: Canada: Courts of Appeal | Topic(s): Habeas corpus - Immigration Detention | Countries: Cameroon - Canada - India - Italy

V.S. v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration)

The determinative issue on this application concerns the Officer’s analysis of the evidence of hardship related to the Applicant’s claim to be a lesbian

7 October 2015 | Judicial Body: Canada: Federal Court | Topic(s): Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) - Persecution on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity | Countries: Cameroon - Canada

Arrêt n° 129 604

18 September 2014 | Judicial Body: Belgium: Conseil du Contentieux des Etrangers | Topic(s): Asylum-seekers - Regional instruments - Survivors of trafficking / Persons at risk of trafficking - Trafficking in persons | Countries: Belgium - Cameroon - Cyprus

Tanda-Muzinga c. France

10 July 2014 | Judicial Body: Council of Europe: European Court of Human Rights | Topic(s): Family reunification - Right to family life | Countries: Cameroon - Congo, Democratic Republic of the - France

Senigo Longue et autres c. France

10 July 2014 | Judicial Body: Council of Europe: European Court of Human Rights | Topic(s): Family reunification - Right to family life - Visas | Countries: Cameroon - France


Criminal law. Asylum seeker. Forgery. Refugee Convention.

A citizen of Cameroon was convicted in the District Court and the Court of Appeal for violation of Section 182 of the Penal Code. Upon arrival at Gardermoen airport, he had presented a false Portuguese residence card. After being taken aside for an immigration check, he informed that he was seeking protection in Norway. The Supreme Court concluded that he was protected by Article 31 no. 1 of the Refugee Convention. The Convention's requirement that a refugee shall seek protection "without delay" was met, as he had sought protection before the immigration check was completed. The Court of Appeal's judgment with appeal hearing was overturned.

Ref.: HR-2014-1323-A, (case no. 2014/220)

English summary and translation provided by the Court.

24 June 2014 | Judicial Body: Norway: Supreme Court | Topic(s): Criminal justice - False documents | Countries: Cameroon - Norway

Matter of M-D

23 September 2013 | Judicial Body: United States Board of Immigration Appeals | Topic(s): Country of origin information (COI) - Credibility assessment - Evidence (including age and language assessments / medico-legal reports) | Countries: Cameroon - United States of America

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