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Case Law includes national and international jurisprudential decisions. Administrative bodies and tribunals are included.
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KM (exclusion; Article 1F(a); Article 1F(b)) Democratic Republic of Congo

1. This decision considers whether the appellant should be excluded from the protection of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (‘the Convention’) because there are serious reasons for considering that he committed crimes against humanity (Article 1F(a)) or in the alternative a serious non-political crime (Article 1F(b)) during his service in the Police d’Intervention Rapide (PIR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

9 March 2022 | Judicial Body: United Kingdom: Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) | Legal Instrument: 1951 Refugee Convention | Topic(s): 1951 Refugee Convention - Crimes against humanity - Exclusion clauses - International criminal law - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Congo, Democratic Republic of the - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Arrest nr 260 333

7 September 2021 | Judicial Body: Belgium: Conseil du Contentieux des Etrangers | Topic(s): Exclusion clauses - Forced marriage - Military service / Conscientious objection / Desertion / Draft evasion / Forced conscription - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Belgium - Syrian Arab Republic

AC (North Korea) [2019] NZIPT 801589

The Tribunal is not satisfied that there are serious reasons for considering that the appellant “has committed a serious non-political crime outside [New Zealand] prior to his admission to [New Zealand] as a refugee” because any crime he committed was of a political kind. [125] Accordingly, the appellant is not excluded from the protection of the Refugee Convention under Article 1F(b) of that Convention.

18 November 2019 | Judicial Body: New Zealand: Immigration and Protection Tribunal | Topic(s): Exclusion clauses - Serious non-political crime - Trafficking in persons | Countries: China - Korea, Democratic People's Republic of - Korea, Republic of - New Zealand

Ruta v Minister of Home Affairs [2018] ZACC 52

At issue are the reach of the Refugees Act and of the Immigration Act as well as the interplay between these two statutes; the effect of delay on entitlement to apply for refugee status; the operation of the exclusionary provisions of the Refugees Act, particularly section 4(1)(b); and whether this section applies only to crimes committed outside South Africa. Also at issue is the fidelity of the Supreme Court of Appeal to its own judgments and whether in this case commitment to precedent (stare decisis) was breached.

20 December 2018 | Judicial Body: South Africa: Constitutional Court | Topic(s): Deportation / Forcible return - Illegal immigrants / Undocumented migrants - Refugee status determination (RSD) / Asylum procedures - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Rwanda - South Africa

Gavrić v Refugee Status Determination Officer, Cape Town and Others [2018] ZACC 38

This matter engages the jurisdiction of this Court as it involves a constitutional challenge to section 4(1)(b) of the Act. Beyond this, it raises arguable points of law of general public importance, such as the definition of a political crime, the proper interpretation and application of the “exclusion clause”, whether an internal appeal process is available to an excluded person under the Act, as well as what the rights are of an excluded person who may be persecuted upon returning to her country of origin. These are issues of great importance to asylum seekers and refugees, and impact their right to fair administrative action.

28 September 2018 | Judicial Body: South Africa: Constitutional Court | Topic(s): Exclusion clauses - Extradition - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Serbia - South Africa

Ra 2017/19/0531

the term "particularly serious crime" concerns only criminal offenses that objectively violate particularly important legal interests. Typically, serious crimes include homicides, rape, child abuse, arson, drug trafficking, armed robbery, and the like.

5 April 2018 | Judicial Body: Austria: Supreme Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgerichtshof) | Legal Instrument: 1951 Refugee Convention | Topic(s): Exclusion clauses - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Austria - Syrian Arab Republic

AATA Case No. 1414627

4 March 2016 | Judicial Body: Australia: Administrative Appeals Tribunal | Topic(s): 1951 Refugee Convention - Ahmadis - Credibility assessment - Freedom of religion - Religious discrimination - Religious persecution (including forced conversion) - Serious non-political crime - Social group discrimination - Social group persecution - Transgression of social / cultural norms | Countries: Australia - Pakistan

Febles v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration)

30 October 2014 | Judicial Body: Canada: Supreme Court | Topic(s): Exclusion clauses - Human rights law - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Canada - Cuba

Unachukwu v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)

28 February 2014 | Judicial Body: Canada: Federal Court | Topic(s): Denial of refugee status - Domestic violence - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Canada - Nigeria - United States of America

X v. the Dutch Minister for Immigration and Asylum and his successor the State Secretary for Security and Justice

10 February 2014 | Judicial Body: Netherlands, The: Council of State (Raad van State) | Topic(s): 1951 Refugee Convention - Exclusion clauses - Female genital mutilation (FGM) - Serious non-political crime | Countries: Netherlands - Sierra Leone

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