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Comments on National Legislation

The international obligations of States regarding refugees and non-refugee stateless persons as well as the prevention and reduction of statelessness need to be translated into national laws in order to ensure their effective implementation. UNHCR reviews and comments on national legislation in order to assist States in ensuring that national legislation is in accordance with international standards related to refugee law and statelessness.

UNHCR has promulgated guidelines (Internal link) and a checklist (Internal link) to assist those reviewing and commenting on national legislation related to refugees and non-refugee stateless persons. These should be consulted by UNHCR staff and others involved in reviewing and commenting on national legislation.
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UNHCR-Stellungnahme zu den Regierungsvorlagen für ein Bundesgesetz über die Gleichbehandlung (Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - GlBG), für ein Bundesgesetz über die Gleichbehandlungskommission und die Gleichbehandlungsanwaltschaft (Gleichbehandlungskommissionsgesetz - GBK/GAW-G) und für ein Bundesgesetz, mit dem das Bundes-Gleichbehandlungsgesetz geändert wird (Bundes-Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - B-GlBG)

3 December 2003 | Publisher: UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Document type: Comments on National Legislation

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