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CASE OF X v. SWEDEN (Application no. 36417/16)

Execution of judgment:

9 January 2018 | Judicial Body: Council of Europe: European Court of Human Rights | Document type: Case Law | Legal Instrument: 1950 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) | Topic(s): Deportation / Forcible return - Freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment - National security / Public order - Terrorism | Countries: Morocco - Sweden

Transnational Injustices - National Security Transfers and International Law

15 September 2017 | Publisher: International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) | Document type: International Legal Instruments

Fundamental rights and the interoperability of EU information systems: borders and security

May 2017 | Publisher: European Union: European Agency for Fundamental Rights | Document type: Regional Reports

Comments by the UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe on the Law Proposal Prop. 2015/16:67 concerning particular measures in situation of serious threat to the public order or the internal security of the country (Särskilda åtgärder vid allvarlig fara för den allmänna ordningen eller den inre säkerheten i landet)

10 December 2015 | Publisher: UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Document type: Comments on National Legislation

Sweden Boosts Search For 'Foreign' Vessel Near Stockholm

19 October 2014 | Publisher: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty | Document type: Country News

Illegally Resident Third Country Nationals in EU Member States: State approaches towards them, their profile and social situation

January 2007 | Publisher: European Migration Network (EMN) | Document type: Thematic Reports

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