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International Protection Considerations with regard to people fleeing the Syrian Arab Republic, Update VI

March 2021 | Publisher: UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Document type: Country/Situation Specific Position Papers

Human Rights and Democracy Report 2017 - Syria

16 July 2018 | Publisher: United Kingdom: Foreign and Commonwealth Office | Document type: Annual Reports

We must stop a devastating 'battle to the end' in southwest Syria, declares UN envoy

27 June 2018 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

Siege of Syria's eastern Ghouta 'barbaric and medieval', says UN Commission of Inquiry

20 June 2018 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

Syrian reporter freed after six months as armed group's hostage

13 June 2018 | Publisher: Reporters Without Borders | Document type: Country News

2018 Global Report on Internal Displacement - Spotlight: Syria

16 May 2018 | Publisher: Norwegian Refugee Council/Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (NRC/IDMC) | Document type: Annual Reports

Report of the Secretary-General on conflict-related sexual violence

23 March 2018 | Publisher: UN Security Council | Document type: Country Reports

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: Amid the ruins of Ar-Raqqah and Dayr al-Zawr, calls for justice and accountability by victims and families must be urgently addressed

6 March 2018 | Publisher: UN Human Rights Council | Document type: Country Reports

Israel, Hizbollah and Iran: Preventing Another War in Syria

8 February 2018 | Publisher: International Crisis Group (ICG) | Document type: Country Reports

Iran: Recruitment of Iranian nationals to the war in Syria

February 2018 | Publisher: Danish Immigration Service | Document type: Country Reports

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