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Mobility and crisis in Gulu: Drivers, dynamics and challenges of rural to urban mobility

February 2018 | Publisher: Rift Valley Institute (RVI) | Document type: Country Reports

World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples - Ethiopia : Ethiopian Jews

January 2018 | Publisher: Minority Rights Group International | Document type: Country Reports

Ethiopian female domestic workers inside Ethiopia and abroad (household slavery, trafficking): COI Compilation

January 2016 | Publisher: Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation (ACCORD) | Document type: Country Reports

2015 Trafficking in Persons Report - Ethiopia

27 July 2015 | Publisher: United States Department of State | Document type: Annual Reports

Israel: Ethiopian Jews disadvantaged, marginalised

29 June 2008 | Publisher: IRIN | Document type: Country News

Ethiopia: Information on law which imposes the death penalty for illegal emigrants; documentation on persons fleeing Ethiopia for reasons of religious persecution, specifically Muslims

1 June 1989 | Publisher: Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada | Document type: Query Responses

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