Anyone concerned by potential misconduct is encouraged to report this and contact the Inspector General's Office (IGO).

Anyone can contact the IGO if they have concerns or information about possible misconduct by any UNHCR staff member or other person/entities with a contractual relationship with UNHCR. Anyone can contact the IGO if they have reason to believe that a staff member or another person associated with UNHCR has not behaved correctly.

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Contacting the Inspector General's Office (IGO)

- By using the online complaint form

- By confidential email: [email protected]

- In person or by post: 94, rue de Montbrillant, Case postale 2500, 1211 Geneva

Mark all mail as CONFIDENTIAL.

Important note before sending a complaint: The Investigation Service of the IGO does not have the authority to deal with protection/assistance related requests. This means that the IGO cannot review individual refugee claims, cannot provide individuals with assistance (in kind or in cash), and cannot provide applicants with a durable solution. For these matters, please contact the UNHCR Office where you are registered or closest to where you are located. 


Investigative process

Following receipt of information about possible misconduct, the Investigation Service will register the complaint and conduct a preliminary assessment to determine whether an investigation is warranted, considering – among others – whether the issue falls within its mandate and whether the alleged facts could amount to misconduct.

If it is decided to conduct an investigation, the investigative process consists of the following steps:

If the investigation finds that a staff member failed to comply with UN Staff Regulations and Rules or the standards of conduct expected of a UN civil servant, the IGO will send an investigation report to UNHCR’s Division of Human Resources (DHR). DHR has the responsibility to determine the appropriate administrative response, such as possible disciplinary or administrative measures.

The IGO ensures confidentiality of the investigation, information and reports, as well as due process throughout the investigative process.



Report other types of fraud or misconduct