Implementing partner procurement guidelines

Evaluation of the IP procurement policy and procedures is based on the principle that an IP, who is entrusted with funds donated to UNHCR to implement procurement activities, should have comparable policy and procedures to the principles of UNHCR for procurement. IP procurement policy and procedures must include the following basic elements to be considered for pre-qualification:

  • Policy on Local/International Procurement
  • Policy statement on competitive bidding
  • Procurement responsibilities defined
  • Contract types and value-limits defined for high value contracts
  • Audit trail (documentation of procurement actions)

These are only minimum requirements. There are several other elements which would be desirable and advantageous to an IP being considered for pre-qualification.

Some of the other major policy objectives for IPs procuring on behalf of UNHCR are:

  • Competitive bidding shall be employed in all procurement undertaken by the IP.
  • The widest possible base of potential vendors suitable for a specific contract should be invited to bid.
  • The IP Procurement Unit is to assure that goods and services are supplied in a timely manner, of adequate quality and quantity and at the lowest cost, which meets the requirements of the Purchase Order or Service Contract.

UNHCR Procurement Management and Contracting Service at Headquarters (email Procurement Management and Contracting Service)