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Donating money is an easy process. You can give any amount and all of it will go straight to helping our field operations around the world. Make a donation.

If you have any questions about making a donation, please visit our frequently asked questions section.

Work with us

We work around the world. Search our current vacancies.


Learn what it takes to become a volunteer on the ground and learn more about the process by visiting UN Volunteers. There are also opportunities for online volunteers with the Online Volunteer service.


We welcome applications from everyone and take a select number of interns throughout the year. Find out more.

Open data

To allow developers to create useful tools, we have opened up our data portal. Information can be accessed either through our open API or downloaded as csv files. For information about population statistics since 1951, go to our population stats site. For protection reasons, some data has been redacted.

Classroom materials

To help children of all ages learn about refugee issues, we have produced a range of teaching materials and selected online resources for teachers. To find out more and to sign up, visit our Teaching about Refugees pages.

Help rebuild lives

There are many practical ways businesses can help, ranging from helping refugees create cooperatives and strengthen business skills, to employing skilled and trained people. To find out if your company could help, please visit our Livelihoods section.

Organize an event

Would you like to support UNHCR's special events or help spread the word about people who have been forced to flee? There are many ways that you can contribute and participate. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a World Refugee Day party – screen a topical film about the forcibly displaced or celebrate multiculturalism.
  • Organize a discussion at your home, place of worship, or community centre on refugee issues. Contact your nearest UNHCR office and ask for ideas, and maybe even a speaker.
  • Hold a debate on a topic important to you – for example, who is a refugee? What rights do refugees have? What is shelter? What can individuals and communities do to help?

Private Sector Supporters

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