With the help of an interpreter from the Greek NGO 'METAction', UNHCR staff provides procedural and legal information to a group of new arrivals at the Identification Center in Mersinidi, Chios island.

At the Center, UNHCR also provides core relief items and assists the authorities in the identification of people with specific needs.
© UNHCR/A. Kitidi

Our Partners

Charged with protecting millions around the world, our organization works with a wide variety of government donors and partners to adequately fulfil our role.

Our partnerships range from governments to non-governmental organizations, the private sector, civil society and refugee communities.

We raise funds through governments, foundations and private donors so that refugees can be assisted immediately with food, shelter and other essentials distributed by our implementing partners. Longer-term solutions also depend on the participation of civil society and refugees themselves.

While we are directly concerned with the protection of refugees, our overall mission is to provide operational support and coordination to a wide range of private and public actors who work in the interest of refugees. 

In the field, UNHCR's core work is managed from a series of regional offices, branch offices, sub-offices and field offices. The High Commissioner's representatives head operations in the countries where the agency works, while there are also a number of regional representatives.

Conferences and meetings

Meetings and conferences play a crucial role in the protection of refugees. Often, they can bring together governments, representatives of international organizations, NGOs and UN agencies, academics, the media, child protection experts, refugees and young people from all over the world, strengthening existing partnerships and developing new ones.

Participants may share good practices, lessons learned, new solutions and innovative approaches which aim to address the dynamics and challenges of forced displacement. Together, they help to shape the future of millions.