Map Colour Style Guide for Advanced GIS Users
Doc: Pdf      Size: 126 KB


UNHCR Map Style Guide for Advanced GIS Users
Doc: Pdf      Size: 171 KB


Creating Maps in PowerPoint (Map Pack)
Doc: PowerPoint      Size: 3.96 MB


UNHCR Dashboard Tool (Excel Dashboards)
Doc: Excel      Size: 1.19 MB


Guidance on Geo-Tagging Photos
Doc: Word      Size: 2.26 MB


UNHCR Addressing Guidance
Doc: Word      Size: 860 KB



Humanitarian Response, Common and Fundamental Operational Datasets Registry

Map Action: Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping, First Edition, March 2009

Photo-editing tips for PowerPoint

Using GPS in the Field: Manual and Reference, UNHCR Geographic and Information Mapping Unit, September 2004


Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, Who’s Doing What, Where Map
Doc: Powerpoint      Size: 1.39 MB


UNHCR Lebanon, Registration Trends for Syrians
Doc: Excel      Size: 3.38 MB


UN Security Map for Afghanistan
Doc: Word      Size: 154 KB


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