In a complex environment with fast shifting needs and priorities, we depend on donors to provide contributions that can be allocated as flexibly as possible. These allow us to direct funds where they are most needed, providing protection, shelter, water, health, education and other essentials to millions of refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless and internally displaced people around the world.

Top Donors

2019: Top 10 donors*
Donor USD

*As at 31 December 2019

United States of America 1,706,832,053
European Union 473,024,447
Germany 390,479,234
Sweden 142,556,147
Japan 126,466,093
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
Norway 94,345,776
España con ACNUR (Spain) 92,406,228
Denmark 91,641,152
Netherlands 72,362,386

Donor profiles

All donors who have funded UNHCR's activities in recent years are included in this section on our Global Focus website.

Seeing where your donations are spent

Many who give to aid organizations want to see more about where the funding they give is spent, what it is spent on, and how it has made a difference to the lives of people in need. By signing up to IATI, the International Aid Transparency Initiative, UNHCR can now provide greater levels of detail on its financial and results information.

Find out more about how this works, along with the information UNHCR is displaying.