UNHCR Scholarships -

Scholarship opportunities for refugee students

Are you a refugee striving for higher education?

This platform helps you to find a certified, well-recognized study or scholarship programme approved by UNHCR that fits to your needs.

More higher education opportunities for refugee students can be found on PEER, Al Fanar and Jami3ti,

You can choose between different types of programmes:

DAFI Programme

UNHCR’s Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) supports refugee students around the world through holistic scholarships facilitating undergraduate studies in the country of asylum.

First country of Asylum Scholarships

UNHCR collaborates with other programmes providing scholarships at undergraduate or graduate study level for refugee students in the country of asylum.

Third Country Scholarships

UNHCR collaborates with universities and governments to allow refugee students to study abroad in a country other than their country of asylum.

If you are a scholarship provider, please find more information here.