Become a Fundraiser: Every Birthday Counts


Every year, we rack our brains thinking how to prepare for our birthday.
We are all bothered – how do we spend a special and unique birthday?

Do we actually need to look this hard to celebrate our birthdays?
To make an occasion more meaningful, simply donate your birthday to change a life!
OR act as a fundraiser and set up a fundraising page. Ask for donations but not gifts!
By crowdfunding from friends and family, fundraising goals can be hit faster.
This, is a birthday made more meaningful.

Fundraisers will receive the following souvenir(s) once the fundraising amount reaches below, within 30 days after creating their own “Every Birthday Counts” fundraising page.

– Donors who have fundraised totalling HK$1000 – HK$2500 will receive a UNHCR “Every Birthday Counts” certificate of appreciation
– Donors who have fundraised over HK$2,500 will receive one UNHCR Special Edition Teddy Bear and a UNHCR “Every Birthday Counts” certificate of appreciation

Amongst the 25.9 million refugees in the world, half of them are children. More and more children are fleeing from conflict torn countries on their own. Others are becoming orphaned, lost or separated from their families while searching for safe refuge. UNHCR is often the first to spot these children as they come across borders or arrive alone in refugee camps.

Our protection officers listen to their stories and ensure that they have safe accommodation, trained staff to care for them, nutritious food, health checks, counselling, education and ongoing care. We share information across the region and around the globe to help trace missing relatives and arrange for family reunion.