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Cyclone Idai Emergency Appeal

A devastating cyclone has hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

They need your help


HK$320 can provide four families affected by the cyclone with essential core relief items

HK$950 can provide four families with solar lamps to use in the dark

HK$3000 can deliver tarpaulins or plastic sheets for providing immediate make-shift shelters protecting three families from the weather


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A message to the world’s refugees from UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi

Refugee chief says World Refugee Day is a moment to recognize the courage of the 70 million who have fled war, violence and persecution.

Become a Fundraiser: Every Birthday Counts

By crowdfunding from friends and family, fundraising goals can be hit faster. This, is a birthday made more meaningful.


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See where you donations are spent

The Executive Committee of UNHCR studies and approves the agency’s global budget, making very careful decisions in allocating financial resources (funds) to different operations across the world according to priority of needs.

Yao Chen appeals for better access to basic education for refugee children

Yao Chen said, “The world cannot afford to fail the new generation of displaced children who have great potential be become successful individuals and play contractive role for peace building in the world.”

Technology turns aspiring architect’s dreams into virtual reality

Teenager Mohammed Kteish dreamt of becoming an architect as he was growing up in the Syrian city of Aleppo.Now those dreams have become a virtual reality project called “Future Aleppo”.