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In recent years, the countries of Northern Central America – El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – have seen a dramatic escalation in the acute violence of street gangs and organized criminal groups that is driving increased forced displacement both within and from these countries. The PTA represents an innovative life-saving mechanism that provides individuals, who are exposed to extreme risks in those three countries, with a safe and legal access to a resettlement country, via a country of transit. Furthermore, the programme is coordinated by UNHCR, IOM and the Republic of Costa Rica as a transit country, as well as with the Governments of the three countries of origin and participating resettlement countries. It forms part of the Regional Protection and Solutions Framework adopted by the San Pedro Sula Declaration in October 2017.

The following document outlines regional progress, challenges and next steps to ensure compliance with pillar 4 (Opportunities for durable solutions) of the CRRF.


Published: 30 October, 2018 (9 months ago)
Uploaded: 30 October, 2018 (9 months ago)