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Key Figures

2019 planning figures
500 people of concern will receive life-skills training for livelihoods purposes
400 Resettlement Registration Forms will be submitted
300 households will receive multi-purpose cash grants
2017 year-end figures
2,970 people underwent a first-instance interview for refugee status determination
760 refugees departed for resettlement
320 people with specific needs received cash assistance
10 awareness campaigns on the response and prevention of SGBV were conducted

People of Concern Personnes relevant de la compétence du HCR

Increase in
2018 14,016
2017 13,840
2016 14,405


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Year-end Overview

Plan Overview

Working Environment

The Government has made a significant leap forward in providing protection to refugees by enacting a comprehensive national law in late 2016. The national law provides an overarching legal framework for handling refugees, gives UNHCR a coordinating role, and reaffirms the Government’s commitment to providing access to asylum. With the law, provincial governments now have a harmonized foundation for addressing refugee issues and thus more clarity on how to move forward.  How the law will be implemented in practice, however, remains to be seen and will be crucial to its success.
UNHCR’s activities in 2018 will center on providing its expertise and support to the government ministries responsible for implementing the law in order to ensure maximum protection is provided to refugees according to international standards. 

Key Priorities

To best provide protection for refugees, support to government ministries will focus in large part on registration and documentation, two areas that are specifically provided for under the new law. This will include promoting joint registration and documentation activities with Government authorities. 
UNHCR will continue to work towards strategic refugee status determination and identifying resettlement opportunities for the most vulnerable refugees, but will also work to identify appropriate temporary stay measures, as well as livelihood opportunities that benefit refugees as well as local host communities. The operation will continue to provide assistance to the most vulnerable refugees, particularly women and children, in the areas of shelter, healthcare, education and basic needs through cash-based interventions. Community-based protection mechanisms will be strengthened and will promote mutual support and self-reliance.
In light of provisions in the new law regarding immigration detention and the persistent number of refugees in detention, the operation will advocate for the establishment of shelters under the new law, and will formulate and implement an awareness campaign that promotes alternatives to detention, particularly for children and their families, while raising awareness among local communities to promote mutual understanding and facilitate integration of refugees within the communities hosting them.
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