UNHCR’s results framework and monitoring system have been designed around rights groups, which provide a framework for the organization to continuously improve the delivery of assistance, with the overall goal of protecting people of concern as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The themes below represent a selection of UNHCR’s global objectives, reflecting core protection activities as well as other life-saving objectives to address the most critical needs of displaced populations.

On the world map, selected indicators from UNHCR’s results framework are displayed for all operations worldwide. Information is provided by Population Planning Group (PPG) - groups of beneficiaries within an operation who share common needs. Year-end results for 2011 - 2017, as well as baselines and targets for 2018, can be viewed below. For the current year, the baseline and target information is displayed. Targets describe what the operation sets out to achieve during the implementation period. Baselines show the situation for an impact indicator at the beginning of a planning period (e.g. 1 January 2017) and are used to measure progress over time.

The 2018 Global Strategic Priorities Progress Report is now available online. The report sets out the progress achieved against each of the GSPs, includes highlights from field operations, and information on global and regional initiatives. This report also includes GSPs on Support and Management, which underpin UNHCR’s organizational commitment to strengthen operational response and improve efficiency and effectiveness across a vast range of functional areas.

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  • Refugee Status Determination
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  • Water and Sanitation
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  • Community-based Protection
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