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On 3 May 2018, the Republic of Chad announced its formal application of the CRRF through a letter signed by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Public Security and Local Governance. Four months later, on September 19th, 2018, the Government of Chad – in partnership with the United Nations, donor countries and technical and financial partners – officially launched the CRRF at a national symposium.

The launch was chaired by the Chadian Minister of Territorial Administration, Public Security and Local Governance, Mr. Ahmat Mahamat Bachir, and attended by six Province Governors, three provincial Secretary Generals and one Senior Divisional Officer. The participation of regional government authorities is key to ensure that both refugees and their host communities benefit from emergency assistance, as well as more long-term responses to their needs. Other participants included UN agencies, the donor community, refugees from various locations in the country, and civil society.

In line with the pledges made by the Chadian Government at the UN Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in 2016, Minister Bachier announced that the draft of a new asylum law is expected to be adopted before the end of the year. A draft action plan to guide the application of the CRRF was endorsed at the launch and will be the subject of further discussions in the weeks to come.

The launch marks a milestone step towards achieving the objectives of comprehensive responses in Chad, which will build on the commitments of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants and the Government’s generous pledges made at the Leaders’ Summit.

The Chadian Government specifically pledged to: 

  1. Improve access to secondary education for approx. 75,000 refugee children in eastern Chad by: a) providing textbooks to schools hosting refugees; b) accrediting qualified refugee teachers and allowing them to teach in camp, public, and private schools; and c) increasing the number of qualified teachers in public schools with refugee students.
  2. Facilitate refugees’ access to tertiary education by encouraging universities to offer refugees the same tuition as Chadian students.
  3. Facilitate access to arable land for up to 236,000 refugees and support refugees and the host community in agricultural activities by strengthening the system of agricultural technicians.
  4. Issue birth certificates for an estimated 140,000 refugee children born before 2013.
  5. Adopt the National Law governing the status of refugees and asylum seekers, which will ensure compliance with international and regional instruments for refugee protection.

As the first major development relating to comprehensive responses in Chad, the Government, through the Ministry of Education, announced on June 12th that, 108 schools located in 19 camps and refugee sites across the country have become official Chadian schools. This landmark measure enables refugee children to study alongside Chadian students. The Government has already assigned 307 teachers to these schools and facilitated training to qualify an additional 439 qualified refugee community teachers. The concerned schools were funded through the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migrants, and education partners Educate A Child, the Global Partnership for Education, and Education Cannot Wait. The decision by the Chadian Government to include these schools in the national education system aligns with its commitments at the UN Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in September 2016 to improve access to education for refugees.


CRRF Contact Person in the UNHCR Operation in Chad

Olouwadara Inandjo (


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Two Year Progress Assessment of the CRRF Approach (Sep 2016 - Sep 2018)

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This report was prepared by the Evaluation Service, UNHCR.

Published: 15 May, 2018 (4 months ago )
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Key Decisions of the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union (January 2019)

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The 32nd Ordinary Sessions of the AU Assembly was held on 10-11 February 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The theme they focused was on refugees, internally displaced persons and IDPs. The Summit officially launched the theme of the year and adopted a number of important decisions. To see the decisions, see the document attached. More information: here

Published: 15 May, 2018 (4 months ago )
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Project d'appui aux réfugiés et aux communautes d'accueil (PARCA)

Chad West and Central Africa | Studies and reports
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Le Projet d’Appui aux Réfugiés et aux Communauté d’Accueil (PARCA) fait appelle à une approche structurée et ciblée pour soutenir les réfugiés et les communautés d’accueil ; c'est-à-dire un cadre pour l'inclusion délibérée mais progressive des communautés d'accueil, des réfugiés et des autres groupes déplacés dans la prestation de services publics, y compris l'éducation, la santé et la protection sociale, marché du travail.

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Mémorandum d’entente relatif à l'intégration des refugies et demandeurs d'asile dans le système national de santé du Tchad

Chad West and Central Africa | News and communiqués
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Le présent mémorandum d’entente vise à renforcer la collaboration entre le MSP et le HCR afin d’offrir et d’améliorer les services de santé aux réfugiés, aux demandeurs d’asile et à la population hôte à travers leur intégration progressive dans le système national de santé

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Chad Emergency Update - Influx in the Lake Chad Province

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The present report provides an overview of UNHCR's efforts to coordinate the joint activities of humanitarian actors in order to provide protection and assistance to newly arrived Nigerian refugees in the province of Lake Chad.

Published: 15 May, 2018 (6 months ago )
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