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UNHCR provides refugees, forcibly displaced & stateless people with protection, assistance & solutions, for which it relies on support from its donor partners.🌍

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  1. Jul 4

    Estonia's🇪🇪 unearmarked funding to UNHCR & recent EUR 200K to the Ukraine Operation is crucial to help people displaced by violence, like Marina and her family 👉

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  2. Jul 4

    Less than 0.5% of the world’s refugee population were resettled in 2017. Yet needs are greater than ever: the global refugee population passed 19 million in 2017, and resettlement needs have doubled in the last six years.

  3. Jul 6

    70% of refugees in Turkey are women and children. Supporting their strength & resilience in times of displacement has been made possible thanks to the support of flexible funding provided by . This allows UNHCR to react to individuals’ specific needs rapidly & effectively.

  4. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the scale of crisis and extent of suffering I saw today in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. I heard heartbreaking accounts from Rohingya refugees that will stay with me forever. My appeal to the int’l community is to step up support.

  5. Jul 2

    @Europaid contribution is essential to help Afghan refugees striving and building a new life in dignity, rather than just surviving, and to support the communities that generously host them in Islamic republics of Iran and Pakistan. Thanks to for this support

  6. Jun 29

    Young refugees living in Ankara attended a digital storytelling workshop jointly organized by UNHCR & Listen to their stories: A big thank you goes to for its generous contribution to UNHCR that makes this kind of engagement possible.

  7. Jun 28

    We are happy to work with the United States, our biggest supporter in saving lives and protecting refugees around the world With unprecedented levels of forced displacement, we thank you for your continued and vital partnership

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  9. Jun 25

    As solutions for refugees shrink worldwide, resettling the most vulnerable ones from fragile situations to stable countries saves lives: we need more (not less!) resettlement places and more states to accept resettled refugees.

  10. Jun 28

    It's amazing what can do with bamboo. Below: building emergency evacuation shelters on flat land, away from landslide risks as monsoon rains persist in .

  11. Jun 27

    No one becomes a refugee by choice. ~ Filippo Grandi

  12. Jun 24

    A big thank you to for France’s recent contribution of $1.5 million to to support in the country - merci for this valuable support!

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  13. Jun 27

    Greater needs require greater international efforts for more effective action. commends France 🇫🇷 for its humanitarian strategy 2018-2022 & its commitment to allocating greater resources to support the humanitarian action

  14. Jun 26

    Millions of refugees and displaced will benefit from Sweden’s latest contribution to UNHCR: 400 million $ over 4 years. Flexible funds to be used where they are most needed including in underfunded crises. This is generous and exemplary donorship. Thank you 🇸🇪!

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  15. Jun 26

    In 2017, UNHCR received voluntary contributions from 147 donors, ranging from Member States, pooled funds to private individuals. The main source of diversity came from the private sector. There were 1.92 individual donors to UNHCR in 2017, up 22% from 1.57 M the year before.

  16. Jun 26

    Education is key for the future. Thanks to UKAid Syrian refugee children can continue to learn. 📚🎓

  17. Jun 25

    In 2017, unearmarked funding came to $588.7 million from 87 donors. Over 75% of UNHCR’s unearmarked funding was received in the first quarter of the year, providing the Office with timely and invaluable flexibility.

  18. Jun 25

    In 2017, UNHCR employed cash-based interventions across Africa, including in Kenya and Somalia. Around 75,000 people of concern received cash assistance, many of whom were Somali refugee returnees.

  19. Jun 24

    For the 5th year in a row, forced displacement reached a new high. Read our report:

  20. Jun 24

    Yesterday, 128 refugees were evacuated from to UNHCR's Emergency Transit Facility in Niger - a total of 1858 refugees have been evacuated out of Libya since November 2017


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