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  1. 7 hours ago

    Check out our dashboard showing UNHCR's humanitarian response in :

  2. Jul 2

    Update: 2 shipwrecks took place over the past days with one disembarkation on 29 June in Tajoura (100 persons missing and 16 disembarked) and one today 2 July at the Tripoli Naval Base (114 persons missing and 276 disembarked) No disembarkation took place in Zwara.

  3. Jul 2

    Another sad day at sea - Today 276 refugees and migrants were disembarked in - including 16 survivors of a boat carrying 130 persons, of which 114 are still missing at sea

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    Jul 2

    We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Stiller as our newest Goodwill Ambassador. Join us in welcoming Ben to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

  5. Jun 29

    Today 100 people died after a boat carrying around 123 refugees and migrants sank off the coast of Tajoura in Libya - "This is the hardest day of my life, I didn’t know if to save myself, my children or my friends” survivors says

  6. Jun 29

    Saddened by the loss of 100 lives today off the coast of Libya in Tajoura - 30 women and 70 men died after swimming for one hour before they were rescued. UNHCR teams supported the 16 survivors upon disembarkation with humanitarian and medical assistance

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    Jun 27

    Almost 1,000 refugees and migrants have perished while being smuggled across the Mediterranean this year. UNHCR and ⁦⁩ issue a joint appeal to European Union countries for action to reduce needless loss of life at sea.

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  8. Jun 24

    Yesterday, 128 refugees were evacuated from to UNHCR's Emergency Transit Facility in Niger - a total of 1858 refugees have been evacuated out of Libya since November 2017

  9. Jun 24

    Happening now: 490 individuals disembarked in - more than 1,000 refugees and migrants disembarked during the past 5 days

  10. Jun 24

    97 individuals disembarked today in by the Libya Coast Guard - teams at the Naval Base providing assistance - more than 8200 refugees and migrants disembarked in Libya in 2018 - more than 580 in the past 5 days alone

  11. Jun 23

    Today UNHCR provided humanitarian assistance at the Tripoli Naval Base where 25 individuals were disembarked. With daily disembarkations happening, calling for alternative legal pathways to avoid dangerous crossings across the Mediterranean Sea

  12. Jun 22

    11:30pm - UNHCR teams currently at the Tripoli Naval Base where 100 refugees and migrants are being helped with humanitarian and medical assistance after being disembarked in

  13. Jun 21

    Third disembarkation in today - 241 refugees and migrants arriving in very dire conditions - and UNCHR are providing assistance on site

  14. Jun 21

    Very saddened by the news of 120 persons drowning at sea off the coast of over the past 2 days. Calling for legal pathways to provide alternatives to these dangerous crossings for persons in need of international protection in Libya

  15. Jun 21

    Happening now: team at the Tripoli Naval Base providing humanitarian and medical assistance to 350 refugees & migrants just disembarked in Libya in dire conditions

  16. Jun 20
  17. Jun 20

    Today & everyday we stand ⁠ ⁠in Libya - celebrating with strong, resilient and inspiring refugees in Tripoli showcasing their different cultures

  18. Retweeted
    Jun 20

    Celebrating with in Niamey. Artwork produced by evacuated from depicting their perilous journey.

  19. Retweeted

    Some 122 refugees, mostly women and children, fly out after qualifying for evacuation and resettlement under new international programme.

  20. Jun 19

    We say goodbye to as he departs with 122 refugees bound for Niger. Safe travels and best of luck in this new chapter of their lives


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