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  1. Jun 29

    2011- Where is our money! Gaddafi is stealing all the Oil! Libya’s wealth should be shared among all Libyans. 2018- We don’t know who controls what, where is the Oil, who is exporting, who is importing, the economy collapsing & above all we can’t even get our OWN money.

  2. Jun 30
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  3. Jul 8

    My final tweet as Ambassador to . Great country in a very difficult situation. Breaks my heart: l leave many friends behind. Free to Adrian Pelt: ‘I always regard Libya as a country that occupies a second place in my heart after my own country’. Next stop: .

  4. 7 hours ago

    Libya’s Contested Transition (2011-2018)

  5. The drop in oil production in could be a blessing in disguise. Libyan oil money, has in many ways, proliferated Libya's political/social/economic crisis. Oil money has enriched cronies, and oppressed the civilian. WE MUST RISE ABOVE OIL TO REINVENT OUR ECONOMY.

  6. Jul 3

    (🔴BREAKING) DEAD AND MISSING AT SEA: Since June 1st, attempted crossings from have become THE RISKIEST since accurate public recordings started in 2016. ALMOST 1 IN 10 died or went missing upon departure from the Libyan coast bettween June 1st and July 2nd. 👇

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  7. Jul 6

    It’s summer and it’s fig season in

  8. 23 hours ago

    There r reports that - Khums road is not safe, with frequent carjackings, usually of company/gov cars and checkpoints demanding cash, toll road fashion. Also, Bugra's held areas r best avoided for the same reason.

  9. Jul 7

    Reports that the Libya-Italy friendship agreement signed in 2008 is being fully reactivated today. The GNA does not have the right or the authority to make such a decision, but again nothing in Libya today is legal or constitutional.

  10. 14 hours ago

    Turi Defense Group 7251 West Lake Mead Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89128 United States CIA contractors and

  11. Jul 5

    Since the US UK France Nato overthrow of Gaddafi, thousands have died attempting to leave - more than 200 in just the past week. Amid the carnage and chaos, survivors tell of the "hell" of lawlessness, beatings and enslavement that Libya has become

  12. Jul 3

    US Special Operations Command Dash 8 Q200 leaving Souda Bay AB to make a new ISR mission over

  13. 5 hours ago

    ’s oil output will keep dropping day by day if major ports remain closed after clashes last month led to a political deadlock, the head of the country’s state energy producer said. BBG

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  14. Jul 3

    Haftar's rivals in are blaming the power cuts crisis in & western region these days on the closure of the oil terminals. Not sure how true/accurate that is, but using collective punishment of the population in for political gains is not something new.

  15. Jul 7

    News that a number of workers in the Man made River Project have been kidnapped. and most parts of r suffering from cash, petrol, gas, electricity shortages. Is water to be the next?

  16. Jul 7

    Man made River attack. Workers were killed (not kidnapped as stated by earlier news). Bodies being removed to hospital morgue

  17. 4 hours ago

    The very same governments that were just a few months ago strongly condemning markets in , today have no hesitation in trapping the most vulnerable people there. People whose only ‘crime’ is fleeing conflict, violence or poverty.

  18. Jun 30

    Libya’s oil production has been reduced to 315,000 bpd as storage tanks at Hariga and Zueitina ports fill up due to eastern officials blocking exports

  19. 3 hours ago

    Some confusion over Libya oil production numbers. NOC says exports down 850,000 b/d after oil ports crisis + production now 527,000. However, production prior to oil ports events was max 1m. Possibly Libya producing for storage but not exporting?

  20. The Chargé d'Affaires a.i. Joshua Harris met with National Oil Corporation Chairman Mustafa Sanalla and reaffirmed that -ns oil facilities belong to the Libyan people.

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