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  2. Jul 6

    Worse yet is the fact that the is helping authorities bully the victims into silence by cutting their salary & benefits. When confronted head of sub-office Astrid said it was "government order." 9..

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  3. Jul 3
  4. Jul 7

    We wand Freedom We wand Justice We are Exhausted We are not criminal We wand equality We need your help Freedom is our right please release us please help us! 🌐

  5. Jul 2

    we will continue to struggle for our freedom until to get free from this detention center . 167 day of our peaceful demonstration for our freedom. Monday 2 / July / 2018 Struggle

  6. Jun 29

    Brutality on Kashmiri people in Indian occupied Kashmir depicts states aggression against freedom to live and worst human rights violations.

  7. 5 hours ago

    Aerial view of Ifo Refugee Camp from this morning. Established in 1991, Ifo is one of the three camps in , Kenya. It hosts 64,878 out of the total 208,626 in Dadaab. + agencies provide education, food, health, shelter, water & other services in the camps.

  8. 9 hours ago

    Ms Yan Hee Lee! Solve your country's problem first! 😜😜😜 In Jeju Island , South Korea , street protests against the influx of Yemeni refugees accepted by Korean Govt. Soon enough , will be a Koreanistan like Londonistan.

  9. Jul 6

    "From one victim every 38 immigrants crossing the Mediterranean in 2017 to one victim every seven persons now". During press conference with Roberto Mignone (photo), 's representative in Libya.

  10. Jul 7

    These stateless people have been aspired justice for their human right which is taken from them. Once imagine four years in an appalling conditions...!

  11. 10 hours ago

    Love the HSM inspired creative punishment

  12. Jun 29

    🔴 Op 29.06.18 Libyan Coast Guard - Tarbes Sector Hamidiya Point rescues 16 off Qarabulli & recovers 3 toddler bodies WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES❗️

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  13. Jul 7
    Replying to

    Sir, Kashmir needs a political solution, killing will not achieve anything, listen to and let people decide their future. You have killed Burahan Wani and so many people, did that solve anything, your own people are questioning your approach.

  14. Jul 3

    Day 168 Day in and day out, it's our duty to cry and yell but no words can express our pain and feeling...!!! Thank You authorities for keeping us more and more inside this barbed wire.

  15. 13 minutes ago

    It's time for to send fact finding mission to elucidate disappearances in gulags SW algeria 🇪🇭since 1976, especially after mass graves found near polisario gulags.

  16. 6 hours ago

    Rohingya Refugees are getting good care courtesy & international donors. Meanwhile in Dhaka ... refer pic 😥 Can we see you sheltering these poor people in our streets across the country? They might be just 5% of what you are doing in Cox’s Bazar.

  17. Jul 4

    Asking international media why so quiet about it

  18. Jul 6

    There are 7,000 in the camp and 10 officers that make only 600€/month on duty at any given time. 700 people to each officer! Women are being raped. Men tortured. And the sub office in is helping cover it up. (YES, we have proof!) 8...

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  19. Jun 30

    Peacefu demonstration of refugees in Makassar infront of detention center

  20. 6 hours ago

    has registered 230,340 & from 58 countries including , , , , , , & others. For more, visit

  21. 6 hours ago

    With newly appointed Ezra Ndyahibwe, new Chief Administrative Officer of Kyegegwa District. Looking forward to foster collaboration with local Government within the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework ( CRRF ) approach. 👍

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