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  1. Jul 5

    On July 1st, Saara Vuorensola-Barnes took over as country representative of LWF Kenya-Djibouti from Lennart Hernander, who had been serving in Kenya and Djibouti for seven years. A farewell and welcome with style!

  2. Jul 2

    I’m not exactly sure what my credentials are as a Goodwill Ambassador, or who approved it, but somehow I got through and I’m honored to be advocating for the millions fleeing violence and persecution all over the world.

  3. On the ground this week in both Lebanon & Italy with , meeting with refugees who have shared with me harrowing stories of sacrifice and struggle. Each of their journeys are testaments to how vital it is that we collectively continue to stand .

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  4. Jul 8

    "It's not just for boys, but girls too." Football is a game-changer for 14-year-old Maraam.

  5. 2 hours ago

    Relocating at high risk of landslides in Bangladesh. 7 days a week. No retreat. Standing strong

  6. 22 minutes ago

    All people deserve to be safe, healthy & equal. Will leaders ensure the Global Compacts for Refugees & Migration provide adequate protection & education for refugee kids & try to keep families together?

  7. Jul 7

    The day closes in Cox's Bazar, as monsoon clouds loom near settlements. 2 months down, 3 more months of rain to go. UNHCR emergency response teams stand at the ready.

  8. Jul 4

    Not a threat. Not a burden. no matter what. More than half of the world’s refugees are children and they must be protected, sheltered and equipped for their futures.

  9. Jul 6

    Packed house for the ARAN conference in Melbourne!

  10. Jul 6

    Want solutions to the Refugee Crisis? I can't think of anyone better to come together & make things happen: UN Secretary General World Bank President UN High Commissioner for Refugees On the ground, standing in the settlements of Bangladesh.

  11. Jul 7

    An hour ago, another dinghy landed in Eftalou, north. The 62 people are now safe. Our team assisted them in the arrival and distributed dry clothes in the transit camp.

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  12. Jul 4
  13. Jul 4

    Football/Soccer coach ⚽ Elementary school principal 👨🏿‍🏫 Family man 👨🏿👨🏿👶🏿👧🏿 Refugee Spend a day with Bertine in Gillette, Wyoming 🇺🇸 -

  14. Jul 4

    Football is more than a game for this refugee girl. It's hope 💙

  15. Jul 3
  16. Jun 30

    Without a birth certificate, children on the move are at risk of being detained, trafficked, exploited, go missing or become stateless during conflict or crises. All children deserve the right to prove their identity.

  17. 2 hours ago

    Preparing sites for the emergency relocation of . Digging drainage canals. Keeping roads open in the monsoon rains. Who is doing the heavy lifting? . Impressive work, in liaison with & . Together, .

  18. 4 hours ago
  19. 6 hours ago
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  20. 6 hours ago

    -Its foldable so you can easily carry it around. -It protects the environment by replacing the use of polyethylene and paper bags -It is hella cute and stylish DM me to make an order. Its 30,000ugx

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