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  1. Jul 4

    I urge the to immediately refer to the ICC, so that all allegations of crimes against humanity & genocide perpetrated against the can be investigated, as well as allegations of war crimes against other ethnic groups – UN rights Zeid at

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  2. Jul 5

    Hello , I wanna see you standing before God for His Judgement on that Equality and Rights which you said. I can testify on that matter about . If You truly believe in your honesty, You should or let me publish about 10 reasons why You blocked my activities.

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  3. Jul 4

    According to UNICEF, about 200,000 Rohingya refugees - over 50 percent of whom are children - are threatened by the anticipated rains...

  4. Jul 1

    “We lived at a purely physical level, just survival." This is the life of the the : the largest stateless group on the planet.

  5. Jul 7

    1978: she fled. 1991: she fled. 2017: she fled. She's lived a lifetime of sorrow. This is the story of her people:

  6. Jul 4

    Children are the most vulnerable to waterborne diseases, such as cholera, that flooding can bring...

  7. 23 hours ago

    Monsoon rains starting to hit camp in Cox’s Bazar- but lots of building going on in race against time

  8. 1 hour ago

    An estimated 693,000 have been driven into Bangladesh, over half of them are children...

  9. 1 hour ago

    Don't turn our backs on the children ...

  10. 8 hours ago

    Pleading not guilty to official secrets act charges, reporter : 'We didn't commit any crime, we will not give up. We are not trembled by the charges, we are innocent.' He faces 14 years in prison after revealing massacre of .

  11. Jul 7

    Monsoon rains have hit Cox's Bazar, where 200,000 are at high risk of flooding and landslides. It's a race against time for WFP engineers, who are working around the clock to keep families safe.

  12. Jul 4

    History is still alive. Irshad Husain, who has recited the quotes of Quran for at Radio Station for (1961-1965). Now, he’s 108 years and lives in ’s makeshift camp. “Life from studio to exile”

  13. Jul 5

    Three Rohingya Muslims arrested by Rachakonda police for concealing identity and managing to get Indian passports.

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  14. Jul 4

    In recent months, has challenged allegations that its security forces have engaged in an ethnic cleansing campaign which has led to the flight of over 700,000 to Bangladesh since August 2017 – UN Human Rights Chief Zeid at

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  15. Jul 5

    BEFORE & AFTER: (1) refugee house in landslide zone vs. (2) reinforced emergency shelter on safe, flat land at relocation site. Standing strong with Rohingya in Bangladesh to build a better future.

  16. 14 hours ago

    We are launching our new series, Displaced, on CNN International Monday July 9th 9:20-9:30PM PDT. Featuring heartfelt stories of refugees, Displaced reveals the honest humanity and highly complex world of an all too stereotyped peoples. Watch the premiere. Stories of .

  17. Jul 4

    1/2 Briefing on the situations of | Dr. Anita Schug , , the spokesperson of the European Rohingya Council

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  18. Jul 5
  19. 20 hours ago

    Children carry sandbags to secure the sides of their makeshift homes for fear of landslides in Kutupalong. – At ضرماء | Dhurma

  20. 1 hour ago

    Today, there are an estimated 720,000 children in Bangladesh and Myanmar, in dire need of humanitarian assistance and protection...

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