Data sources

Infographic showing number of displaced people worldwide as of 31 December 2017

Figures at a Glance

Overview of our data and statistics on who we help and our operations around the world.

Global Focus

UNHCR's main operational reporting portal for donors and other key partners

Population Statistics

The Population Statistics Database provides data about UNHCR's populations of concern from 1951

Operational Data Portal

Inter-agency coordination portal showing operational information about some of the current emergencies

Resettlement Data Finder

The Resettlement Data Finder is updated monthly and provides resettlement statistics, interactive graphs and maps

Young Rohingya refugees on a hillside at dusk overlooking a sprawling array of shelters.

Global Trends

The Global Trends Report is published every year to analyze the changes in UNHCR's populations of concern and to deepen public understanding of ongoing crises

Statistical Yearbooks

Our Statistical Yearbooks follow major trends in displacement, protection and solutions


Twine combines streams of information to guide decision-making in the humanitarian sector

Map Portal

Transforming raw data into maps, graphs and timelines.

Data guidance