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  2. 22 hours ago

    Canada 🇨🇦 is transforming what used to be the world’s largest coal plant into a huge solar farm.

  3. Jul 5

    It would appear two generations after us might never have to lift a finger, from houses that clean themselves to robotic chefs. Smart homes are exciting and scary all in one 🤓

  4. Jul 5

    Jinbi Token has a working relationship with International Precious Metals Limited, “IPM”, and its associated network of refineries and vaults around the globe.

  5. 15 hours ago

    Jinbi Token is the combination of both crypto and gold, taking the major advantages from one of the newest technological transformations in modern history in .

  6. 22 hours ago

    5 amazing schools from around the world that are transforming education for children.

  7. Jul 4

    🎉And it’s a win for Renault Trucks UK! As a manufacturer we are thrilled have won the Motor Transport Award 2018 for the ! 🏆 Our engineering team has developed a locally-configured Anti-runaway Automated Park Brake which engages automatically to reduce the risk

  8. 12 hours ago

    Companies, don't fall into trap of picturing new employees to be hired as clones of existing staff. It stagnates Shake up job descriptions, eliminate clone seeking automated recruiting filters, allow walk-in resumes and in person pitches again for key roles.

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    To encrypt a user’s private key we use AES-256-GCM algorithm and a user’s password as the encryption key. After this preparation, the key identifier and encrypted private key are uploaded to our Key Server.

  14. Jul 4
  15. 8 hours ago

    An Indian state is using for government business. It's largest city has attracted $900m in , created 5,500 jobs, and is becoming India's centre for v/

  16. In honor of Israel's 70th independence The Embassy of Israel carried out an project with 70 children 👦👧 from the Camp in Durumi. It was an to promote through 💪🇮🇱🇳🇬❤️

  17. Jul 4

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