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  1. Humanitarian needs across the world have never been greater. Discover our new National Humanitarian Strategy:

  2. Mar 22

    , founder & ex-president of talking at the National Humanitarian Conference "France can &need to do better to increase the national humanitarian funding part within the French international aid budget to reach to the international standards"

  3. Mar 22

    "Today one of the most difficult thing is to close a camp because there is a lot of consequences. Humanitarians are benefiting from the camps. It's compelling to see what is going on . We need to review all of that"

  4. Jun 27

    Greater needs require greater international efforts for more effective action. commends France 🇫🇷 for its humanitarian strategy 2018-2022 & its commitment to allocating greater resources to support the humanitarian action

  5. The charity ceilidh is today! Thanks to for organizing this event in favour of SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL

  6. Mar 28

    At OCHA in , everyone lends a hand in preparing for the second Humanitarian and Development Forum on Food security and Nutrition, which will be hosted by the Minister of Planning and Development and the Humanitarian Coordinator this coming Friday

  7. Mar 23

    Reducing vulnerability & building & how can increase support to pockets of vulnerable communities. Pleasure to talk with , Deputy CEO of today. Merci bcp!

  8. Mar 22

    Delighted to end the day catching up with the always inspiring . As humanitarian contexts become increasingly challenging, is making a massive difference in the lives of millions of people

  9. Mar 22

    Thank you for excellent presentation of new Humanitarian Strategy of France 🇫🇷 which will reinforce links between emergency response & durable solutions, as well as significantly increase contributions to €500 million per year by 2020!

  10. Mar 22
  11. Mar 22

    The New Way of Working may mean many things to different people. But in , it is practical and real. It is common sense and cost effective. Here is a video showcasing what works in Ethiopia.

  12. Mar 22

    Half of 's population cannot access safe drinking . 💧💧 needs more investment in building, rehabilitating and maintaining water and sanitation facilities, and renewed efforts to promote appropriate hygiene practices at community level.

  13. REMINDER: we'll be LIVE from 4.30PM CET for the presentation of France's humanitarian strategy followed by the closing speech of the National Humanitarian Conference by

  14. Mar 22

    Such a refreshing speech delivered by at , pointing how the aid « industry » in its current form may be detrimental to people’s resilience. We have to rethink our WoW.

  15. Mar 22

    New humanitarian strategy: a change of scale in the humanitarian action of France🇫🇷 Effectiveness, simplification & transparency are key

  16. Mar 22

    . at : must stop thinking that they are the only principled actors on the ground - development and peacekeeping are also guided by principles. Look out for collective statement on the nexus in October.

  17. Mar 22

    "We created an aid industry. The situation in refugees camps is much worse than 50 years ago" Ahunna Eziakonwa-Onochie What can we change to solve this issue ? How are we responsible?

  18. Mar 22

    Roundtable on humanitarian financing at the 4th Humanitarian National Conference in Paris with key humanitarian partners including . Key speakers and discussions well captured by

  19. Mar 22

    "More resources to women is a resources multiplier" role of in aid

  20. Mar 22

    Humanitarian aid is based on the Humanitarian Principles. Impartiality is key in providing aid where needed and humanitarian relief can't & shouldn't be driven by political agendas. as 1st humanitarian donor worldwide has a critical role in ensuring this.

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