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12th President of the Group. Working to end extreme poverty & boost shared prosperity. Past: pres, HIV/AIDS director, co-founder

Joined May 2015


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  1. 1 million metric tons of plastics seep into Indonesian waters each year. Today it was heartening to hear young changemakers, gov't ministers and private companies working together to fix this problem. is honored to support you..

  2. I want to thank the Indonesian people for hosting the upcoming IMF- Group Annual Meetings. The Meetings will be a win-win, boosting tourism revenues and allowing the world to learn from 's progress. I look forward to being back in Bali this fall.

  3. Jul 4

    To build , countries must and focus on outcomes. By bringing together health, education, social support, water & sanitation, Indonesia's human development workers are making a difference. I was very impressed by what I saw today in Lombok.

  4. Jul 4

    It was an historic moment to witness so many ministers working together toward one goal -- reducing childhood . This kind of commitment is exactly what is needed. I hope will inspire many more countries.

  5. Jul 3

    Exciting to see Indonesia's StaNas program in action with President . Strong political leadership is critical to improve -- and the President and his government have demonstrated just this.

  6. Jul 3

    Inspiring meeting with President . He asked us to help find new ways to combat by bringing everyone together - private sector, religious leaders, civil society & gov't--& leveraging tech more. We will help create a movement to end stunting

  7. Jul 3

    I always enjoy Prime Minister 's thought-challenging discussions. Singapore is a fantastic success story in terms of human capital development. I hope their example will inspire many more countries.

  8. Jul 2

    Our cooperation with agencies is unprecedented. By filling the gap between humanitarian and development response, we are able to provide better support to refugees and host communities.

  9. Jul 2

    I am extremely humbled and moved by the courage of the . We cannot turn our heads away. We stand in solidarity -- today we are all Rohingya

  10. Jul 1

    Bangladesh cut poverty in half between 1991 and 2016 and in the process created more opportunities for its people. Group continues to support Bangladesh’s progress on the with record lending of more than $3.5 billion this year.

  11. Jul 1

    . and I commended Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the generosity Bangladesh has shown. By hosting the , Bangladesh has done a great service for the world. We will support this effort any way we can.

  12. Jun 30

    I told Minister Muhith that and I are here to express our gratitude to the people and the government of Bangladesh for their generosity toward the . will help by providing up to almost half a billion dollars in grants.

  13. Jun 29

    I want to commend and government’s strong leadership in reaching this milestone. is privileged to work with you & our partners on speedy, effective response, including through the 1st-ever activation of Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility

  14. Jun 28

    Bangladesh showed great generosity in providing refuge for the . Today, thanks to our partnership with Canada, we announced up to $480 million to support this effort. We stand ready to help until the refugees can return home safely & voluntarily

  15. Jun 25

    We are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of our friend . Jan touched an infinite number of lives in the many countries where he worked and Group where he was friend, mentor & leader to hundreds. We will make sure his memory & legacy live on.

  16. Jun 25

    Congrats to winners and my friend for their work to make maternal and early childhood nutrition a development priority. By helping reduce stunting worldwide, they have given people a chance to escape poverty & achieve their highest aspirations

  17. Jun 20

    As a migrant myself, I know what a difference education and economic opportunities can make for the displaced. Today’s may be our future leaders. On , the Group pledges to invest for

  18. Jun 19

    Always such a pleasure to meet Henrietta. I am delighted to see strong WBG collaboration with in Yemen, Lybia & DRC, amongst others. I look forward to an even deeper collaboration to deliver on the promises of the Human Capital Project.

  19. Jun 19

    It was an honor and a pleasure to meet with His Majesty King Felipe IV of Spain this morning.

  20. Jun 15

    The recent eruption of the Fuego volcano in took a massive human and financial toll. We stand with the Guatemalan people, and have offered our support to president to assess damages.


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