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  2. Jul 3
  3. Jul 4

    Asking international media why so quiet about it

  4. Jun 25

    Cate’s Speech at event 2018 👏🏻😍

  5. 2 hours ago

    "From one victim every 38 immigrants crossing the Mediterranean in 2017 to one victim every seven persons now". During press conference with Roberto Mignone (photo), 's representative in Libya.

  6. Jul 3

    🔴 Op 02.07.18 Libyan Coast Guard ship "Zuwara" rescues 276 incl. 29 women & 54 children off Qarabolli from 3 boats 👍BRAVO ZULU

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  7. Jul 2

    Hundreds of refugees protest peacefully form different countries in front of & office in Makassar Indonesia and ask for resettlement.

  8. Jul 2

    we will continue to struggle for our freedom until to get free from this detention center . 167 day of our peaceful demonstration for our freedom. Monday 2 / July / 2018 Struggle

  9. Jun 20

    According to the Report 2018, Pakistan remains among the top refugee host countries in the world.

  10. 19 hours ago
    Replying to and

    Interesting listen on the commute home. Lots of things I wasn't aware of re EU migrant crisis. & it was good to hear some expert info re most refugees being sheltered by developing nations - something I think has gently highlighted. 👍for discussing climate refugees too.

  11. Jun 19

    Don't worry Trump Administration, Adolf Hitler withdrew Germany from the League of Nations once too. I am sure the UN Human Rights Council won't miss you.

  12. Jun 29

    🔴 Op 29.06.18 Libyan Coast Guard - Tarbes Sector Hamidiya Point rescues 16 off Qarabulli & recovers 3 toddler bodies WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES❗️

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  13. Jun 21

    Happening now: team at the Tripoli Naval Base providing humanitarian and medical assistance to 350 refugees & migrants just disembarked in Libya in dire conditions

  14. Jun 26

    1. Broken trust between and . office started to open maungtaw from many years ago .employs Only Bengalis in their office .2012 crisis was created by dr tun Aung .MM authorities looked for him .but he was hidden by . So many questions of UNHCR

  15. Jul 3

    Day 168 Day in and day out, it's our duty to cry and yell but no words can express our pain and feeling...!!! Thank You authorities for keeping us more and more inside this barbed wire.

  16. Jun 28
    Replying to

    Funny coming from someone, who supports fanaticism, militancy, extremism and fundamentalism.......... morally and spiritually. We will share reports that speak against Pakistan but ignore those that speak against India, Knock Knock anyone.

  17. Jul 4

    Voluntary repatriation monthly cross-border coordination meeting started at office with representation from the Gov. of Kenya, Gov. of Somalia, UNHCR Kenya & Somalia and partner NGOs. Fruitful discussions goingon on the process, services for retunees & challenges.

  18. DFAT - 2018-19 "aid" budget: $1 billion, South East Asia "Our flagship counter-trafficking and safe migration investments support effective regional responses to cross-border governance challenges" i.e. refugee concentration camps

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  19. Four day are passed since the refugees sew their lips now they are in a very bad condition. Where is ? Where is ? Where is ? Where is ?

  20. Jun 29

    Who is again to demand the release of naxalite sai baba? UN continues to meddle in India's affairs with a highly prejudiced attitude. India must retaliate strongly.

  21. Refugee protest for freedom continues at Australian funded concentration camp in Indonesia - 6 July 2018

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