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  1. Jul 2
  2. Jul 3

    483 have died in the central Mediterranean route since 19 June. It is necessary to reinforce the presence of rescue ships in the Med in order to avoid further loss of life.

  3. Jun 28

    No-one expects to become a Migrant. Let's not forget and help the millions of migrants children who fled their homes because of the wars...they could be our children...

  4. Jul 2

    At the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crimes: Working groups on trafficking in persons and smuggling of currently holding in Vienna, Austria

  5. Jul 2

    & In the last three days, 218 people drowned off Libya.

  6. Jun 26

    Thoughts on the MoU between Home Office and NHS Digital? I'm looking to speak with healthcare professionals or voluntary sector staff providing/supporting health services for . Please RT and email for more details!

  7. 46,449 & arrived by sea to Europe in 2018. 1412 dead/missing. Learn more ➡️

  8. Any adult who breaks into my home with a kid in tow gets DROPPED. -Cops remove the adult. -Social Services takes the kid. That’s how that works, Mom & Dad. not or Less crying & - respect the law

  9. Jul 5

    oddity 507. After a German chancellor decided on her own to open Europe’s borders to the uncontrolled influx of , most were shocked to discover that other European countries were not willing to accept “their fair share.”

  10. Jun 26

    Sharon Stone stands up for on : "It's a problem of lacking humanity no matter where you are"

  11. Jun 29

    The first half of 2018 is over. How many reached Europe in this year so far? How many died or are missing? check out our weekly roundup.

  12. In the period 1 June-5 July, 1 in 12 migrants who attempted the sea crossing in the Central Med died. Rescue ships save lives,they are NOT a pull factor: PUSH factors (in particular the conditions experienced by in Libya) are far more significant than any pull factor.

  13. The transit centers in which Chancellor Merkel’s conservatives have agreed to intern migrants entering Germany “are not prisons,” yet detainees “won’t be allowed to leave,” said a CSU politician working for Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

  14. 2 hours ago

    🇳🇪 500+ at the transit centre in right now waiting to be assisted with voluntary return to their countries of origin.

  15. Jul 3

    🔴 Op 02.07.18 Libyan Coast Guard ship "Zuwara" rescues 276 incl. 29 women & 54 children off Qarabolli from 3 boats 👍BRAVO ZULU

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  16. Jul 3
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    "We are not living a crisis" said the man with 24hr arm protection unit, a government salary & pension, who only meets 3rd world / at photo opportunities & doesn't a asylum center in his neighborhood

  17. Jul 1

    Noirs échos “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals..." Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’

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  18. Jul 4

    & More than 1,000 people have died in 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe. About 16,000 since 2014.

  19. Jun 26

    temporarily stopped launching criminal prosecutions of who illegally enter country with children.

  20. 3 hours ago

    Welcome to France 🇫🇷, , the poignant model for catastrophic consequences of illegal , political correctness & in Western Europe. 🔥💥 Note: Living in safe, secure & peaceful Poland 🇵🇱, I have never seen this, not once, during my 16 years here.

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