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  2. Jul 2

    I just got some h❤️me made bread from my iraqi neighbors 😍😍😍😍😍

  3. 16 hours ago

    It is not illegal to request asylum. We have a duty and a responsibility - today more than ever - to care for refugees

  4. Jun 30

    Yes, we need rallies like today. But can we please pick a different/better hashtag? AND we also need people willing to put their bodies on the line and risk arrest to protest these unjust laws. AND we need everyone to vote. /THREAD

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  5. 9 hours ago

    Yet will maintain that Australia is a just society governed by mutual respect and the what a joke! Time to accept our responsibilities and bring the refugees to Australia

  6. Jul 2

    The United States must live up to its values as a nation that welcomes the downtrodden. As veterans who have served overseas, we have seen the faces of those in greatest need and hold this ideal in high regard.

  7. 20 hours ago

    : No matter their country of origin or religion. We should help those in need. Always.

  8. Jul 2

    This beautiful young lady remains in critical condition as a result of the violent stabbing attack at her birthday party in Boise. Please pray and donate to support the families through the International Rescue Committee.

  9. 6 hours ago

    Every time I watch these videos of parents reunited with their kids I just want every single one of them to come here and be safe.

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  10. Jul 4

    Happy Independence Day! Let us not forget those who are fleeing persecution and coming to the US in search of the freedom that we celebrate today 🇺🇸

  11. 9 hours ago

    Someone should let Doug know that the housing crisis is caused by the greed of developers and wealthy people speculating on the real estate market, not refugees. Then again developers and the wealthy are the same people who donate to the

  12. 23 hours ago

    Today celebrated their asylum seeker & refugee English learners - crossing oceans to be safe, living off £37 a week & learning a new language is an incredible achievement As the Lord Mayor said "Leeds is your city" Where do they come from? ⬇️

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  13. Jul 3

    Still speechless at having seen last night - incredible play. Everyone must see this.

  14. Jul 3

    Meanwhile, back at 's cages... Had enough yet ??

  15. Andrea: let's be honest Doug Ford isn't ignoring the refugee crisis he is promoting racism and the hatred of the vulnerable.

  16. Jun 30

    Tasty cakes,pastries & coffee with a slice of inspiration on the side 🍰 ☕️ - get yourselves to Helmi’s in Bute. A new patisserie opened by a family of Syrian refugees who’ve resettled in Scotland. Mohammed Helmi was a patisserie chef in Syria for 15 years 👌🏾

  17. Jul 3

    Again, immigrants and Muslims are NOT the threat. with guns are.

  18. Jul 3

    'One America': Small Georgia town welcomes thousands of refugees with Southern hospitality

  19. Jul 4

    Donald Trump Plans to Expand Detention Boosts Private Prison Companies. What is going On in our country .Stop damn policies .

  20. Jul 2
  21. Jul 3

    The good-for-nothing is actually good at something

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