Consultancy Opportunities and Temporary Appointments

Consultants may be:

  • An international consultant: Hired from outside the location where they have to perform the services (place of work).
  • A locally hired international consultant: If they are not a national of the country in which they are to serve and have been hired at the place of work.
  • A national consultant: If they are a national of the country and have been hired at the place of work.

Furthermore, as a consultant:

  • The work will be temporary.
  • They will not perform the regular day-to-day functions of staff.

Duration of contract

Consultant contracts will not exceed 11 consecutive months and so include a mandatory break-in-service of one full month. Consultants can only be engaged for a period up to a maximum of 24 months of full time work in a 36-month period. After this, a minimum six-month break in service is required.

You can apply to consultancy vacancies by clicking on the below list of currently open consultancy positions.

Temporary Appointments

In order to meet seasonal or peak workloads and specific short-term requirements, UNHCR may recruit staff under temporary basis and grant Temporary Appointments for less than one year. A Temporary Appointment does not carry any expectancy, legal or otherwise, of renewal and cannot be converted to any other type of appointment.

The authority for granting a Temporary Appointment is not subject to review by a joint review management board and holders of the TA are not considered as internal candidates for regular positions. A Temporary Appointment carries reduced allowances and entitlements compared to a Fixed-term Appointment.