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  2. Jul 1

    attack update: 19 killed, 20 injured. Among them 11 Sikhs that include the only candidate for parliamentary elections Awtar Singh, activist Ravail Singh, Sikh Community spokesman Iqbal Singh & peace activist Anup Singh. A friend Tarlok Singh is injured!

  3. Jul 2

    ISIS which bombed Sikhs in is backed by Indian RAW. IS-K is largely made up of RAW backed TTP splinters.

  4. Jul 3

    Nature in . Photos taken by mathew karsten.

  5. Jul 1

    Such a sad day !! As per news 14 Sikhs including Parliamentary election candidate Avtar Singh Khalsa killed by a suicide bomber in Jalalabad in Afghanistan.

  6. Jul 1

    Tragic news from . 19 killed in Jalalabad including 17 from Afghan Sikh community when their convoy was attacked by terrorists. Blast led to horrific carnage. Out of 21 others injured 7 Sikh as well. Entire delegation was going to meet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

  7. Jul 3

    How the US Occupation Made the World’s Top Exporter

  8. Jul 1

    Afghan Sikhs describe the tales of discrimination & persecution under the US backed ethnofascist regimes of Karzai & Ashraf Ghani,their homes & shops have been taken away & 20 sikh families left in live in Gurudwara. Surprising for sikhs,life under taliban was better

  9. 25 minutes ago

    ., tweet of the day stand "Spotted today in the land of Denialistan a rally of Good (Afghan) Taliban on Quetta-Chaman Rd a route with a series of FC security check posts. This at a time when Pakistan's Bad Taliban are being hunted down in .

  10. Jul 1

    Sardar Avtar Singh said the following:- "The government has never protected the rights of the Hindus and Sikhs in . We have visited the Parliament and the President’s Office several times and to demand our due rights.

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  11. Jul 2

    1/ Thread on . So upset about yesterday's attack on in . Since the start of the year I've been helping a number of Afghani families in Britain who've been threatened with deportation ...

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  12. The US is now the third deadliest country for journalists in 2018, behind only , where 10 journalists have been killed because of their work, and , where the number is five.

  13. Jun 26
  14. Jul 1

    A farewell dinner was hosted at the Presidential Palace attended by Int’l partners and my fellow Cabinet members. I am grateful for their continued and generous support to .

  15. Jul 1

    My fellow Afghans, please please spread the news of Panjshir River toxicated. Everyone avoid drinking or having the fish as it will serve as poison.

  16. Jul 4

    Akhand Paath Bhog for the Shaheeds of the terror attack and speeches at Guru Nanak Darbar Southall. May the departed souls rest in peace. We must not be silent and give full support. It's time to act.

  17. Jul 4

    Morning views from Shahre Naw, . This city is colourful just like any other capital of the World

  18. Jul 2

    The Islamic State (IS) group said it carried out the suicide bombing in which killed at least 19 people, who were members of the country's Sikh minority. World knows the fact who is funding IS in

  19. Jun 29

    – A kaleidoscope of colours.

  20. 10 hours ago

    Beautiful Daikundi. Happy week end from

  21. Jul 3

    BREAKING - TTP Commander Omar Rehman who once was tipped to be TTP Emir after the killing of Mullah Fazlullah Yousafzai has been killed in . The exact circumstances aren't known, however observers suspect he's been assassinated by the new TTP Emir Noorwali Mehsud.

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