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More suffering for the people of Syria

The recent escalation of conflict around Eastern Ghouta, Idlib and Afrin is once again forcing Syrian families to flee their homes. They cannot access basic services, are struggling to get food, housing, healthcare and other basic essentials for their families.

UNHCR is on the ground doing all we can to reach and protect them but we can’t do this alone.

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$10 could provide mattresses to prevent a family from sleeping on the ground

$20 could provide fleece blankets to keep 2 refugees warm at night

$30 could provide essential kitchen set to enable 2 families to prepare food

As war enters 7th year, UNHCR warns Syria is ‘at a crossroads’

While there are Some Hopes for Peace, the Needs and Suffering of Millions of Syrians Continue Unabated; Syrian War is a ‘Collective Failure’

#WomensDay 2017: Stand for Women’s Right for Decent Work

This year, UNHCR promotes the right to safe, dignified and empowering work for refugees, internally displaced and stateless women.

Torn-apart by the War, a Displaced Woman Finds Relief

Between staying in Syria with her elderly parents or leaving to Germany to her husband and son, Nijat was left with a difficult choice.

UNHCR helps displaced Syrians rebuild their ruined homes

Shelter rehabilitation scheme has helped some 11,000 people to refurbish homes destroyed by war, with plan to more than double support this year.