Mothers of Congo's lost children break silence

Thousands of children are thought to be missing as DR Congo's displacement crisis deepens.

4 Jul 2018

Monsoon rains highlight needs of Rohingya refugees

UN and World Bank chiefs head to Bangladesh to seek support for nearly a million Rohingya refugees facing ongoing displacement from Myanmar.

1 Jul 2018

Magazine's media studies course is good news for refugees

An Austrian news magazine offers young asylum-seekers the chance to enter the world of journalism.

29 Jun 2018

'In all my life, I've not known even five minutes of peace'

Four generations of a Rohingya refugee family describe how statelessness has clouded their lives – and their hopes of returning to Myanmar.

29 Jun 2018

Refugee musicians hit right note with German orchestra

An orchestra in Frankfurt is bringing refugee musicians together with local and other international performers.

26 Jun 2018

Lebanon puts in an extra shift to get Syrian refugees into school

Some 350 schools across the country squeeze two days of lessons into one, providing a vital education lifeline for some 150,000 Syrian refugee children.

26 Jun 2018

Greek forensics professor finds missing links for grieving families

Pavlidis Pavlos sees it as his duty to try and bring closure for the families of the dead by identifying their missing relatives.

21 Jun 2018

Live Blog: World Refugee Day events span the globe as displacement hits record

From Asia to the Americas, UNHCR is leading celebrations of the spirit and courage of women, men and children uprooted from their homes.

20 Jun 2018

Retired French couple take Sudanese refugee into their home

Catherine and Jean-Pierre provided a haven of peace and safety for a young man traumatized by the horrors of the "Jungle".

19 Jun 2018