Sustainable response key to ongoing Rohingya displacement

UN refugee chief says investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure is needed to support Rohingya refugees and their hosts in Bangladesh.

3 Jul 2018

More international support needed for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, say UN and World Bank chiefs

UN Secretary-General António Guterres urges donors to "step up to the plate," as Jim Yong Kim says World Bank stands in solidarity with refugees.

2 Jul 2018

'I am living proof that investing in refugees pays off,' says refugee leader

Refugees have the knowledge and skills to contribute to host countries. They just need opportunities, NGO gathering hears.

29 Jun 2018

Q&A: Head of Kenya's Makonde people recounts long walk from statelessness

Thomas Nguli, now 62, tells how a life without citizenship stole his dreams.

29 Jun 2018

Innovative Cameroon project will benefit refugees and hosts

A World Bank funded programme is designed to provide refugees and residents in poor areas with better health care, schools and infrastructure.

29 Jun 2018

Grandi calls for greater efforts to debunk myths around refugee crises

UNHCR chief reiterates that vast majority of refugees are in neighbouring countries, not Europe or US.

27 Jun 2018

Sahel needs greater security to ease growing refugee flows, says Grandi

Niger, one of the world's poorest countries, hosts hundreds of thousands while European countries hesitate to take more than a handful.

26 Jun 2018

Grandi calls on donor nations to help stabilize Africa's conflict zones

High Commissioner meets refugees from Burkina Faso and Niger in Mali during a brief trip to Africa marking World Refugee Day.

23 Jun 2018

Safe, but in limbo, after the horror of Libya

In Agadez, High Commissioner Grandi appeals for international community to support Niger.

21 Jun 2018