FAQs for internships

What type of work will I be performing?

This very much depends on the needs of the office to which you are assigned, your educational background and interests. To make the best match, please indicate your specific interest in the cover letter/ letter of interest. As the organization is expanding, we are taking on-board more functions, interns can work on various projects related to protection, programme, communication, media and many other fields. For more information please always refer to the specific internship advertisement.

When and where should I apply?

Geneva-based internship vacancies are advertised on our main career site (http://www.unhcr.org/internships.html). In case you are interested in undertaking an internship in another location, we encourage you to regularly check the respective country office’s website for possible openings. You can also apply to the internship profile (link) which is open year-round, However, hiring managers will only contact the most suitable candidates while also checking their availability and interest for a specific task and location.

Is UNHCR providing financial support for interns?

Effective 1 June 2018, interns who do not receive financial support from an outside party will receive an allowance to partially help to cover the cost of food, local transportation and living expenses. However, if UNHCR has an agreement in place with a sponsoring institute (normally a university) that provides internship assignments to its students, different payment modalities apply.  Irrespective of the amount of allowance interns receive, be it from UNHCR or any other sponsor, interns are expected to make their own arrangements for travel, visa, accommodation and living expenses during the internship period.

What are the office hours?

All internships should take place in accordance with the working hours established by the UNHCR office where the internship is located. The internship is normally on a full-time basis, part-time internships are also allowed according to the needs of the work unit or office as well as the availability of the intern. However, telecommuting is not permitted while serving as an intern. The exact working hours should be discussed and agreed upon between the intern and the supervisor.

I have applied to a specific vacancy/internship profile. Will I be notified?

Due to the large number of applicants, unfortunately, we are unable to notify unsuccessful candidates. Provided that all eligibility criteria continue to be met, we encourage candidates to apply either to the internship profile (link) or to specific openings.

I have completed my internship at UNHCR. What employment opportunities do I have?

An internship does not create any expectation or entitlement to employment with UNHCR at the conclusion of the internship. An intern cannot be considered for regular positions for six months following the completion of the internship, however, a former intern may be engaged under any affiliate scheme with no break in service.

Where can I find additional information on internships?

First, please make sure you have carefully reviewed this FAQs together with the information contained on our main career site on internships.