• World Refugee Day Cup 2018 in Syria - Durée : 32 secondes.

    • il y a 2 jours
    • 21 vues
    World Refugee Cup 2018 tournament concludes today with Iraq team as the Champion!

    Congratulations to all five teams; Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Sudan for their wonderful performance!

  • Syria, Preparing to go back home after years of displacement - Durée : 53 secondes.

    • il y a 2 semaines
    • 18 vues
    “Can you imagine being away from home for 7 years? It’s not easy,” said Abu Fawzy

    Abu Fawzy and his wife are among 6.6 million people in #Syria living in displacement. All they want is to return h...
  • UNHCR Syria 2017 Public Information Report - Durée : 59 secondes.

    • il y a 4 mois
    • 131 vues
    UNHCR Syria 2017 Public Information Report
  • UNHCR Syria staff wishes all a Happy & Peaceful New Year - Durée : 2 minutes, 32 secondes.

    • il y a 5 mois
    • 616 vues
    2017 memorable moments, achievements & hopes for 2018 - Happy & Peaceful New Year.
  • Syrian women stitch their lives together with the support of UNHCR livelihood programmes - Durée : 68 secondes.

    • il y a 5 mois
    • 156 vues
    The smile on Nour’s face lit up the room as she received her first sewing machine after a year of sewing training courses provided by Silesian Charity in cooperation with UNHCR and the Syrian Arab ...
  • Leave no one behind: Say no to all sorts of violence - Durée : 105 secondes.

    • il y a 6 mois
    • 48 vues
    20 university students from different nationalities gathered as one group to raise awareness and advocate for women’s empowerment.

    The aim is to stand against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, und...
  • Dr. Ihsan Ezedeen: The ‘doctor of the poor’ in Damascus - Durée : 3 minutes, 15 secondes.

    • il y a 9 mois
    • 724 vues
    Dr. Ezedeen is supporting thousands of displaced Syrians in Jaramana city, Damascus. Offering free health care, the Doctor works day and night to support people forced to flee their homes in war-to...
  • Dreams changed – Syrian outreach volunteers look at the bright side - Durée : 2 minutes, 17 secondes.

    • il y a 10 mois
    • 139 vues
    Maya is a 27 year-old Syrian woman from Aleppo. She studied nutritional engineering, but loves volunteering for humanity.

    The war in Syria has changed Maya’s dreams and ambitious but she is happy...
  • Syria: Hope Amid the destruction - Durée : 2 minutes, 51 secondes.

    • il y a 10 mois
    • 92 vues
    Destruction the world hasn't seen since WWII. 6.3m Syrians are internally displaced and 13.5m are in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria.
  • UNHCR exerting efforts to support displaced people living in camps northern Syria - Durée : 4 minutes, 38 secondes.

    • il y a 11 mois
    • 149 vues
    Displaced people living in the camps in northern Syria in very harsh conditions, tired, scared and without access to the most basic necessities to survive. UNHCR together with humanitarian partners...
  • A talented Iraqi refugee hopes to teach students around the world - Durée : 2 minutes, 24 secondes.

    • il y a 11 mois
    • 79 vues
    Mais is an #Iraqi refugee living in #Syria since 2006. She is very talented with a very beautiful singing voice.

    Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2015, she won a univer...
  • Refugees from different nationalities celebrated the Refugee Day - Durée : 2 minutes, 15 secondes.

    • il y a 11 mois
    • 58 vues
    World Refugee Day 2017 in Syria was a special day this year where hundreds of refugees from Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Eretria, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan met and celebrated this day by show...
  • لاجئين من مختلف الجنسيات شاركوا ثقافتهم في احتفالية يوم اللاجئ العالمي في سوريا - Durée : 2 minutes, 15 secondes.

    • il y a 11 mois
    • 85 vues
    احتفل ما يزيد عن 250 لاجئ من أكثر من عشرة بلدان باحتفالية #يوم_اللاجئ العالمي في دمشق. جميهم شاركوا عروض ورقصات تقليدية ومعزوفات ومصنوعات يدوية ونقش حناء.
    اليوم العالمي للاجئين، هو يوم نحتفل فيه بم...
  • مشروع دعم البيوت البلاستيكية يساعد عائلات النازحين في سوريا - Durée : 2 minutes, 55 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 1 241 vues
    تتركز غالبية المساحات المخصصة لزراعة الخضار في البيوت البلاستيكية في سوريا في المناطق الساحلية وبخاصة محافظتي طرطوس واللاذقية. لكن، وخلال السنوات الأخيرة، تسببت العواصف والنزاع المسلح بأضرار كبيرة ...
  • Aleppo's people ask ‘how do we rebuild our lives - Durée : 5 minutes, 3 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 275 vues
    6 years of the Syrian crisis has left destruction beyond comprehension.
    With over 2 million homes partially damaged and 400,000 totally destroyed. Rebuilding the damage will be a huge undertaking,...
  • Greenhouse support helps displaced families in Syria - Durée : 2 minutes, 50 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 205 vues
    The coastal region in Syria and mainly Tartous and Latakia is responsible for most of the greenhouse vegetables produced in Syria.

    Storms and conflict have affected many greenhouses and farms on t...
  • Haifaa, displaced Syrian women started her business against all hardships - Durée : 3 minutes, 25 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 126 vues
    Meet Haifaa, a Syrian mother of four. Haifa’s family had faced great hardships during their displacement journey, but this journey is now off to a brighter new beginning, thanks to Haifaa’s strengt...
  • We stand for women’s right to decent work - Durée : 50 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 112 vues
    UNHCR and its staff support this year’s theme of women’s right for decent work and the right to equal opportunities and UNHCR in Syria has launched #IStandforWomen

    This is not just another day, it...
  • UNHCR helps displaced Syrians rebuild their ruined homes - Durée : 73 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 163 vues
    Shelter rehabilitation scheme has helped some 11,000 people to refurbish homes destroyed by war, with plan to more than double support this year

    In HOMS, Syria – When 80-year-old Mahmoud first ret...
  • In the Old city of Aleppo, displaced return with good will - Durée : 75 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 243 vues
    "We will work together, to fix and repair, and rebuild."
    Two men guide us through the old town of Aleppo in Syria. They are determined to rebuild their home city.
  • Aleppo Restoring livelihoods despite challenges - Durée : 2 minutes, 22 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 499 vues
    “May God look at this country with mercy. God has his will, but I believe we should love each other more.
    Support each other more. This is what should happen”

    Khaled returned to East Aleppo, and ...
  • Community Centre Provide Protection and Relief to Displaced Syrians - Durée : 3 minutes, 39 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 227 vues
    The UN Refugee Agency in Syria hand in hand with its partners has established a network of community centers in different areas in Syria.

    These centres are safe public places where women, men, bo...
  • شبكة حماية تقدمها المراكز المجتمعية للنازحين السوريين - Durée : 3 minutes, 56 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 110 vues
    قامت مفوضية الأمم المتحدة لشؤون اللاجئين والمنظمات الشريكة بإنشاء شبكة من المراكز المجتمعية في مناطق مختلفة من سورية لتوفر أماكن عامة يمكن للبالغين والأطفال القدوم إليها للاستفادة من مجموعة من خدما...
  • Despite destruction, UNHCR sees signs of hope in Aleppo - Durée : 3 minutes, 14 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 1 780 vues
    UN agencies are rushing to provide urgent aid to the civilians of Aleppo and are finding fledgling signs of optimism for the future, according to Sajjad Malik, Representative of UNHCR, the UN Refug...
  • Targeting Syrian Boys and Girls with Quality Education - Durée : 94 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 215 vues
    We believe that education cannot wait in time of crisis because education provides hope, protection, and stability. UNHCR education programs in Syria are targeting crisis affected boys and girls wi...
  • Preparations of Al-Hol camp to assist Iraqis Refugees crossing the border - Durée : 80 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 184 vues
    Donate: https://goo.gl/YEOq9Z
    The unfolding Iraqi military assault on Mosul has so far uprooted only a few thousand people, allowing UNHC...
  • شو بخاف | I fear - Durée : 3 minutes, 14 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 3 909 vues
    أغنية: شو بخاف هي أحد أغاني الألبوم الموسيقي "متل المنام – موسيقى من أجل سورية" من إنتاج المفوضية السامية للأمم المتحدة لشؤون اللاجئين في سورية.

    حيث تهدف المفوضية من خلاله إلى الإضاءة على الصعوبات...
  • متل المنام | Like A Dream - Durée : 2 minutes, 51 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 3 979 vues
    All right reserved © UNHCR
    أغنية: متل المنام هي أحد أغاني الألبوم الموسيقي "متل المنام – موسيقى من أجل سورية" من إنتاج المفوضية السامية...
  • بضحكة وبسمة | With a Smile and Laughter - Durée : 3 minutes, 46 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 2 775 vues
    All right reserved © UNHCR
    أغنية: بضحكة وبسمة هي أحد أغاني الألبوم الموسيقي "متل المنام – موسيقى من أجل سورية" من إنتاج المفوضية السا...
  • الأحلام | Dreams - Durée : 2 minutes, 39 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 3 213 vues
    All right reserved © UNHCR

    أغنية: الأحلام هي أحد أغاني الألبوم الموسيقي "متل المنام – موسيقى من أجل سورية" من إنتاج ال...
  • مين اللي قال | Who Said So - Durée : 3 minutes, 30 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 21 686 vues
    All right reserved © UNHCR
    أغنية: مين اللي قال هي أحد أغاني الألبوم الموسيقي "متل المنام – موسيقى من أجل سورية" من إنتاج المفوضية السامية للأم...
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  • The Life of Bees in Syria: What Has Changed? - Durée : 67 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 102 vues
    In the biggest crisis in this era, not only human lives were affected but also the life of the insects responsible for pollinating 70% of pollination-dependent food, bees.
    Mohammad, 28, used to own...
  • Will you stand #withRefugees? - Durée : 9 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 50 vues
    UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, believes now is the time to show world leaders that the global public stands #WithRefugees.

    To do this, we’re asking you to stand with us to send...
  • Bringing color to Riad Khaleel School in Syria - Durée : 2 minutes, 31 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 37 vues
    With the joint efforts of refugee and displaced students, school faculties, the host community and our partners on the ground, 15 schools in Syria were improved with the support of UNHCR’s Communit...
  • برنامج دعم مبادرات الشباب 2016 - Durée : 64 secondes.

    • il y a 1 an
    • 215 vues
    بهدف الوصول إلى المجموعات الشبابية التطوعية ودعم مبادرتها المجتمعية، تدعو مفوضية الأمم المتحدة لشؤون اللاجئين وشركائها مجموعات الشباب من الراغبين في تقديم حلول لمشاكل مجتمعية للاشتراك وتقديم مقترحا...
  • Message from Sajjad Malik UNHCR Syria Chief on World Refugee Day - Durée : 2 minutes, 6 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 196 vues
    "اليوم ورغم كل المخاوف التي لدينا، هناك أكثر من 30,000 لاجئ يعيشون في سوريا، تستضيف سوريا الكثير من الواصلين الجدد القادمين من العراق هذه الأيام في محافظة الحسكة وهناك لاجئين من جنسيات مختلفة يعيشو...
  • Syria, 5 years of Conflict: Shelter Destruction - Durée : 82 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 126 vues
    6.5 Million Syrian are internally displaced and 4.5 million Syrians are refugees.
    In these 5 years of conflict, 1.2 million homes were damaged and 400,000 were totally destroyed.

    In the most comp...
  • Syria, five years of conflict: They all need to go home - Durée : 33 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 133 vues
    As Syria’s war reaches another grim milestone today, refugees fleeing the 5-year conflict face greater hurdles to finding safety while international solidarity with its victims is failing to match ...
  • سوريا: العودة إلى الدمار - Durée : 3 minutes, 33 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 43 vues
    قرابة النصف مليون من أهالي مدينة حمص والمناطق المجاورة اضطروا لترك منازلهم بسبب الصراع، بعضهم نزحوا عدة مرات ضمن سوريا، بينما هاجر البعض الآخر خارج البلاد.

    إعادة بناء منازلهم من قلب الركام هي من أ...
  • Displacement in the cold winter – Latakia - Syria - Durée : 71 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 183 vues
    6.5 Million Syrians are displaced inside their country and are facing the winter with its rain, sleet, snow and sub-zero temperatures.
    This Latakia shelter is the biggest collective shelter in Syri...
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  • Livelihood programme - Crochet Vocational Training - Durée : 50 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 77 vues
    Generating income does not only provide financial security, it increase one’s sense of self-worth and build his\her self-esteem, especially for those who had to flee their houses and are most vulne...
  • The Hanging Garden for a colorful Neighborhood and a harmonious society - Durée : 5 minutes, 11 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 61 vues
    A group of local youth from Qudsaya teamed up with their displaced neighbors to start the hanging gardens Community-based Initiative (CBI), the idea was to plant gardens in recycled materials, such...
  • Providing protection and dignity with a simple tent - Durée : 2 minutes, 13 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 476 vues
    Since 1950, the agency has provided protection to tens of millions of people and helped them restart their lives. Today, the number of refugees supported by UNHCR stood at
    In order to respond to ...
  • Somali Refugees perform a traditional dance for Eid al Fitr - Durée : 38 secondes.

    • il y a 2 ans
    • 917 vues
    Somali Refugees perform a Somali dance during the activity “One Voice” on the occasion of Eid al Fitr.

    The activity was organized by SARC’s Refugee Project in Damascus on the 27th of July.

    The p...
  • Nowruz & Mother's day celebration in Nowruz Camp - Durée : 21 secondes.

    • il y a 3 ans
    • 637 vues
    Young Kurdish girls dancing Kurdish folklore dance in celebration of Nowruz day & Mother's day in Nowruz Camp South-eastern Syria.
    The Camp that was originally for established to host displaced Syr...
  • UNHCR delivers aid to Hard-to-reach areas in Eastern Aleppo - Durée : 104 secondes.

    • il y a 3 ans
    • 489 vues
    ‪UNHCR‬ carried out yet another successful cross-line mission to deliver humanitarian assistance to Eastern Aleppo in cooperation with Syrian Arab Red crescent (SARC) – Aleppo branch , and successf...
  • 4th Anniversary

    UNHCR Workshops in Support of Single Mothers, Aleppo 2014 - Durée : 38 secondes.

    • il y a 3 ans
    • 111 vues
    UNHCR Provides an opportunity for single mothers to earn a living by becoming professional tailors and support their families.
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  • Syria: UNHCR airlift delivering relief for 50,000 IDPs in northeast Syria - Durée : 48 secondes.

    • il y a 3 ans
    • 355 vues
    DAMASCUS, Syria, 10 July (UNHCR) -- The UN refugee agency has launched a series of daily flights from Damascus to the northeast of Syria to bring emergency aid to 50,000 Syrians displaced by the fi...
  • Syria: Cross Border Transport of UNHCR Core Relief Items Across The Jordanian Border - Durée : 2 minutes, 38 secondes.

    • il y a 3 ans
    • 397 vues
    On June, 18, a UNHCR convoy composed of 9 trucks crossed the border from Jordan and made its way to UNHCR warehouse in Sweida with 25,000 blankets, 10,000 sleeping mats, 2,500 kitchen sets, 2,000 p...
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