Myanmar GP20 Concept Note

Thematic Priorities

Durable Solutions / IDP Engagement / Law and Policy


2018 (Although all events are planned on an individuals, single event basis, there is nevertheless a view towards a multi-year initiative in some respects)


UN agencies – INGOs – Private sector – Government


Problem Statement

UNHCR Myanmar wants to improve the lives of IDPs, who lack access to basic livelihoods, education and to documentation. Specific thematic themes were chosen in order to raise awareness about specific IDP groups or issues such as women, family, disability but also education and livelihood. Fostering cooperation between the different UN agencies as well as partnering with INGOs, private sector partners and the Government will be key in the envisioned activities planned by UNHCR Myanmar in this respect.



With awareness and lobbying activities aimed at the broader society as well as specific governmental agencies and the private sector, UNHCR Myanmar is actively trying to achieve a change in attitude and legal regulations surrounding IDPs, ranging from better access to education and livelihoods, to better inclusion of disabled IDPs and more opportunities for women.



Throughout the year, thematic events will be organized, highlighting specific IDP groups in cooperation with other UN agencies, INGOs, private sector partners and the government. To this end, all events will be linked to specific Guiding Principles and will focus on making a lasting difference to the lives of IDPs, by simultaneously consulting IDPs in these processes, where possible. The events include: 

  • February 2018: photo exhibition on disability inclusion of IDPs. 
  • March - April 2018: joint event on women IDPs. 
  • May 2018: joint event with private sector aiming at promoting livelihood opportunities for IDPs. 
  • May - June 2018: special event highlighting statelessness among IDPs. 
  • August - October 2018: consultation with IDPs and creation of specific education donor events. 
  • November - December 2018: joint event around the concept of family.


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