Mali GP20 Concept Note

Thematic Priorities

IDP Engagement / Law and Policy




Technical Committee for the Domestication of the Kampala Convention (CTDCK) – Government – UN agencies – Parliamentarians – IDPs – Communities


Problem Statement

Mali ratified the Kampala Convention in 2010 and deposited its instruments to the African Union in 2012. In 2016, a Technical Committee for the Domestication of the Kampala Convention (CTDCK in French) was created, a team of lawyer experts had studied the current normative framework relating to the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons in Mali and a draft law was prepared by a national consultant. Two years on, however, the law has yet to be finalized and adopted.



Use the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles and the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Kampala Convention to advocate for and support the finalization and adoption of the national IDP law, bringing IDPs into the process.



  • National consultations and awareness raising with authorities, civil society organizations, IDPs and returnees on the law-making process (the CTDCK with UNHCR support will organize dialogue sessions with IDPs, authorities and civil society partners in Bamako and regions with high numbers of IDPs and returnees)
  • Presentation of the draft law (national consultant or law firm to be hired by UNHCR to facilitate the law-making process as well as to conduct a training and consultations with different stakeholders on the draft law)
  • Advocacy for the adoption of the national law in respect of the protection and assistance of the IDPs and returnees with the Government and the National Assembly (UNHCR and partners to advocate for the law using radio and TV debates as well as meetings with national authorities).

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