Democratic Republic of Congo GP20 Concept Note

Thematic Priorities

Durable Solutions / IDP Engagement / Law and Policy




UN agencies – Development actors – Parliamentarians – International experts – Government


Problem Statement

In July 2014, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) promulgated a law authorizing the ratification of the Kampala Convention. In addition, the Minister of Solidarity and Humanitarian Actions and UNHCR drafted a workplan for the domestication of Kampala, including a draft law that still needs to be adopted by the Commission of Law and the Council of Ministers. Stemming from the Kampala Convention and in recognition of the need to break the cycle of displacement in DRC, the DRC Government issued an “’arrêté n°25/CAB/ MININTERSECDAC/092/2013,” referring to the DRC’s National Strategy on Durable Solutions aimed at moving from short-termed interventions for IDPs to creating a framework for interventions between humanitarian actors and those in the development sector. However, this national strategy, like the draft law, has not yet been adopted.



The 20th Anniversary of the Guiding Principles is an opportunity to advocate for the adoption of the national IDP law as well as to advance work on the national strategy on durable solutions.



An international conference will be organized in Kinshasa for the purpose of:

  • o Launching a process that engages diverse stakeholders in humanitarian/development projects to maintain livelihoods and strengthen community-based institutions.
  • o Adopting a plan of action to quantify the financial and technical requirements. 

The conference will be hosted by the DRC Government, the Office of the Humanitarian Coordinator, UNDP, and UNHCR, and include participants from development actors, private sector investors, parliamentarians, and international experts on transitioning from humanitarian assistance to economic development assistance. The conference will include a series of roundtables that promote transposing the Guiding Principles into national law as a means to achieving peace and through efforts aimed at providing durable solutions for affected population; empowering parliamentarians from IDP affected provinces to promote and protect the human rights of IDPs and returnees; and widening the network of promoters for the establishment of a legal framework.

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